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Your Gifting….Your Calling…Your Destiny.

Our greatest need as Human beings.

One of the greatest needs of a human being is self-expression . It is the natural desire of all things in the creation. It is so because everything in the creation has a glory; everything wants to express that glory.

The glory of the sun is expressed when it emits light and heat, the glory of a plant is expressed when it grows and bears fruits, the glory of a hen is manifested when her chicks break out of the eggs…we can go on and on to demonstrate that every living or inert thing has a self-glory.

In all of their endeavors, all humans are searching consciously and unconsciously to manifest their hidden glory. The path to manifesting that glory starts with the discovery of the giftedness in each one of us. living outside giftedness is is death in disguise; this is something that our inner self cannot pardon us. Peace and Joy fill our hearts only when we are leading a life where our glory is fully manifested. In that case and in that case only, our life will start to impact others’ lives positively.  The shortest path to lasting happiness is to lead a life where our gifting is being deployed to add value to others.

My Name is Charles Meudje, I m a graduate of Mechanical Engineering. I have always believed that I m here on earth to make the world a better place to live. I know that I’m unique just like anyone of us is unique. I m convinced by the Bible that I have a gift that no one else on the planet has(1Co7:7). This is confirmed by Science. All of us have a unique DNA and fingerprint pattern.

It is this struggle of wanting to contribute my little to your life that has inspired this write-up.

I have done many things in this life just to found my real purpose on earth. I have been a devout student. I have been a devout Engineer. I have been a devout Christian. I have invested time and money in so many things just to make sure that I deploy myself fully in order to add value to other people’s lives. But in most of my endeavors, I failed.

Yes, I failed because I thought that the best way to influence people was to provide them with money. I was wrong all the way!!!. I have finally discovered that the best way to help people was to encourage them to be what they were created to be, that is to help them discover their unique gifting/talent and to deploy it. That has become my real passion and that is exactly what I do online. Martin Luther King Jr. said ‘ Unless you find something for which you will be willing to live or die, you must have lived in vain’. I think the one thing for which I will be willing to live or die is to help people to do the most out of their lives.

As a digital entrepreneur, I help people to avoid online scams, to avoid going through the painful school of trials and errors that I have been through before they make their first dollar online. Above all, I help people to walk in their true calling. That is my mission…that is my prayer… that is my true passion….that is my purpose and Joy.

Your uniqueness= your greatest asset.

God created you to be you and to be you only. You are not supposed to be anyone else. As a unique person on the face of the earth, you have a unique combination of DNA that has never been and will never be seen again in the world. Jealousy and envy abide only in the heart of those who have never understood who they really are.

I’m convinced no one is on this earth by chance. There is a purpose for everything under the sun as a bible writer said. There is also a purpose for you being on earth. It is so because only you can do what you were created for with a unique gift (Eph2:10,1CO7.7, the Bible).


The people who have made the most out of life do not do so because they were the best at school. They made the impact they made for one single reason: they found their gift and their true purpose in life and they deployed their gift in their true purpose. You can ask this to Einstein, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Michael Jordan, Beethoven, Maradona, King Pele, Michael Jackson, Warren Buffet, Celine Dion, Mandela, Gandhi, etc. No one is supposed to be unhappy or feel useless. Everyone has a mission that is to be discovered and fulfilled. It is only by doing what you were created for that you will be a blessing to your creator, yourself, your friends and family and the society at large.

Take the responsibility of becoming.

It is in You and nowhere else

You need to take the responsibility to develop your God-given gift and to take up a career that will make the most out of life and be a blessing to humanity. I’m here to help you achieve just that. You may be doing something now just because you want to make ends meet. That might not be your true calling. You might be there because you are looking for the security of a paid job, even if this job can be boring and unsatisfactory with many respects. You might have adopted the old thought: ‘have a steady job and work for a pension,’. If that is all you think you are capable of, you may end up living an unsatisfactory or wasted life.  You can do more with your life !!!

People refuse to take the responsibility of taking the risk to develop their God-given gift and to take a career course inspired by their gift because they don’t want to take risks. They don’t recognize that what they consider their comfort zone is not as safe as it seems to be because they are at risk of leading a wasted life: a life where the greater part of their potential has been left undeveloped and unused.

Taking risk is to choose a course of action, progress into it despite dreads, but with the essential knowledge and with success in mind. It is only risk-takers who can accomplish things of great significance in life… They don’t realize that all that make life easy is someone’s contribution to humanity.

At a point in time, someone has been willing to take the risk of using his God-given ability and the result is the many inventions and innovations that make the world a better place to be. To everyone’s gift, a mission is attached. This makes us accountable to the gift giver ( the creator)Failure to realize this by taking the full responsibility before God and men to discover, develop and deploy one giftedness is what the Bible calls “ sin”.

Etymologically, “sin” means “to miss the target”. Sinning is missing the purpose of existence. Man is created to serve; to serve God and humanity in a capacity given by God. Refusal to do this is sin; it is the conscious or unconscious decision to live a wasted life. This must rightfully inspire us with the feeling of shame. We cannot have one of the greatest blessings of God in us (a gift), be created at his very image (having part of his ability), be living in a period like this (the digital age which has made volume of information which were not accessible some centuries back now accessible at a fingertip) and still be unable to find enough inspiration to developing our God-given gift and inspire our own generation. Risk-taking most stem from someone’s knowledge of the situation, analysis of his own strength and weakness.

Deploy giftedness.

As we have already mentioned, living outside the deployment of one giftedness is death in disguise. This is most of the time the result of avoiding to fall short of someone’s expectations. This “someone” is often our parents or someone having a certain influence on us. Most of the time, this is also the result of societal influence. People want to do like everyone else, they don’t want to appear odd, they think it is safe to simply follow the popular norm; the status-quo.

People prefer to follow a course in which someone else (parent, society, Government, friend, spiritual leader, etc…) think it is safe for them to follow.

People do not look inward to search their innermost desire, dream, hopes, tendencies and/or ability in an attempt to decide which type of life they will lead. Most people do not even consult God who has a clear model of success for each individual on earth.

In God’s model of success, there is a gift that must be discovered ( 1 co7.7), there is project to carry out (Eph2.10), there is a plan to follow ( Je29.11) and there is a companion to lead us all the way of the filling of God’s plan (1 co2.9-10). God’s model of success is risky by human standards, but it is the safest path to follow if someone wants to lead a flourishing life in all ramifications. God’s wisdom is foolishness for men. People must dare to take a risk and to take it responsibly that involves God in risk-taking.

If you wish to hear more about God’s Model of success and God’s provision for your success, click here.

Finances might be what is hindering you to dare to become all that you were created for. this has lead us to propose a number of jobs you can do online that might fit you whether you are still a student, or you have graduated and are looking for a job, or whether you are working somewhere and you are not comfortable at that work.



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