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Tips for a good website

7 Tips for a good website.

Every one of us want to express ourselves. The Digital revolution has given us an opportunity to do just that. It is now possible, thanks to the Digital Revolution, to speak to millions of people even from the very comfort of our bedrooms.

Your website is a tool in your hand which can allow you to express yourself from anywhere around the world. It can allow you to deploy your unique giftedness….

Not only your website allows you to deploy giftedness, but it can also allow you to earn money while doing that. It suffices that your website conforms to some simple rules of the art.

If you want to make money through your website, you need people to come to your website (traffic) and for your website to have that traffic it must be visible in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I’m here to contribute the little I can to your online window (your website). I’m more than willing to do so at no cost simply because I have been into the painful university of trials and errors that wasted my most precious resources (time, money and energy). It is always the case when we have not gotten the chance of meeting someone who will tell us exactly what to do.

Many Digital entrepreneurs out there spent a lot of time, money or energy to try to put together a website with the hope that it will be a platform from where they could generate some cool passive income. Most of the time, they end up realizing that despite the much effort they have invested they are not getting the expected results.

Below are some tips for a good website that I think you must implement in order to achieve the result you deserve. If you do not take some of this advice into consideration, your online journey might end up in despair and shame.

1. The standard of your written content

Google, Yahoo or Bing will index and rank your content only if your content is of very high quality. You must keep in mind that your main purpose is not out to get money from people, but to help them solve a specific problem that you have the solution. Having the passion to help will definitely be the fuel that will take you to the path of quality content creation.

Your content must not only be embedded with high quality and expressive images relevant to what you are talking about, but also your text must be readable. You could use a site like Pixabay to have free high-quality images.

For the readability of your text, make simples, clear and short paragraphs to express exactly what you have in mind. Speak as if you were conversing with a reader in front of you, but make sure that your text is mistake-free. You can use ‘Grammarly’ on your computer to check your mistakes.

Overall, ensure that your content is educa-taining. This means that your content must educate as much as it entertains the reader.

2. The Standard of your SEO

You might have heard of SEO already and its importance you’re your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the key parameter that will make you visible to the customers out there… If you are poorly armed in terms of incorporating key terms and technical know-how, your business is at a significant disadvantage. The answer is simple: get an experienced staff member or company to advise you or, better still, identify and keep track of the SEO terms that matter to your business.

3. How connected is your website?

On how many platforms is your website visible? Are you taking advantage of the rush of the majority of internet users are on social media? More than 3 billion people today are all on social media (The major ones are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). It there that your customers spend their time.

Are you on the same page with the rest of the world? Can the user find glowing reviews, recent Facebook posts or a gallery of beautiful images straight from your home page? If there is any significant disconnect, you could be losing a lot of opportunities!

4. Cluster

Do not focus on so many things at the same time. Don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none. Find a niche, put all your energy in making much research in that niche. Become as knowledgeable as possible in that niche. This is the only way to become an authority in a subject matter and when you have become an authority in a subject matter, Google and other search engines will pay attention to you. In this way, you will have the chance to generate organic traffic. For instance, if you have 100 posts speaking on different aspects of the same thing and that only 5 persons click on each of the post per day, you can have 500 clicks per day and about 1500 clicks per month. If only 1% converts, you will be having 150 customers that actually give you money per month. If you are having a commission of only $30 dollar per customer, you will be having a passive income of $4500 per month!!!! That is not negligible.

To avoid the common trap of cluttering your website with so many things of different natures.

5. Are you in a confusing Journey?

Are the signposts of your website clearly visible? When a visitor gets into your website, does he readily sees where you are heading to? It should be clear to everyone that enters your site that you have a clear destination. Are you selling an eBook, a physical book, some physical kinds of stuff or Digital Products?

6. Are you contactable?

Do you make your points of contact (email, phone, etc) visible? Contacting you should not be a hidden detail, it should be clear. There are customers that you should own for life. You need to have their contact details. Those points of contact should be on your home page.

7. The quality of your offer.

Customers will glue to you only if you are offering them products of high quality. This supposes that you know your product very well. If you are in the niche of providing genuine online opportunities to your website visitors like myself, make sure that you are really providing them only with the best of all opportunity. It means that you must first test your opportunities before you promote them.

If you show someone an opportunity, he tries it get money out of it, you have won that person’s confidence forever. But if the opposite happens, you don’t have any mean to be redeemable in the person’s mind.

I have an opportunity, that I think you, as a Digital entrepreneur you can test and get the best out of it. It is, in my opinion as a Digital Entrepreneur for more than 10 years, the greatest digital revolution ever, the opportunity allows you to take advantage of the work of some smart guys who have put in place a Digital product that can quicken your journey as a digital entrepreneur. Click here to see the best of my online offers that can really put money into your pocket. they are tested and confirmed genuine!!!



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