Best creamer for coffee-How to peak the best creamer for your coffee?


What is a coffee creamer?

Creamer is a diary or non-dairy product that you add to the coffee to modify his taste or/and nutritional value and make it more enjoyable. There are different types of creamers: Dairy products (Mix Milk, Cream, Sugar, and natural flavor), Plant Milk (almond, coconut, or soy milk), Sugar, and Oils.

Characteristics of a good creamer.

A good creamer must respond to at least two major criteria: the Stability of the creamer in the aqueous coffee (coffee mixed with water) and the appropriateness of the creamer for our health.

Stability of the Creamer.

A creamer is said to be stable when it mixes up conveniently with the aqueous coffee. The imitation creamer (non-dairy product) is not milk but resembles very much milk and powder milk except where a milk protein source such as sodium caseinate is used as the main emulsifier. Imitation creamers use low-cost products and their fat content is around 30-35%. When the creamer does not mix up conveniently with the aqueous coffee, we have a mixture of failure. The creamer does not meet the stability criteria of a good creamer. The stability criteria are the ‘instant’ solubility of the creamer in the water which has two parameters: dispersibility and wettability.

The other concern is the coagulation aspect of the creamer. The creamer should not coagulate as it enters in contact with the aqueous coffee. When the creamer coagulates –by forming sediments- those sediments float in the aqueous coffee. A good creamer should be a ‘sinker’ and not a ‘floater’.

To test the stability of the creamer, a mixture of the creamer and coffee is always stirred with a spoon and the resulting liquid is observed. This is called a coffee test. New Zealand has adopted a stand for the Coffee test. This is their experiment:

Twelve instant whole milk powder (WMP) samples, defined by a dairy processor as being coffee-stable and coffee-unstable, were tested using the New Zealand Coffee-Stability test, which involves the addition of 2g of WMP to 100mL of coffee (8g/L) at 80C, stirring using a spoon for 6 sec and measuring the sediment volume (mL) after centrifugation at 164g for 5 min. Stable WMPs yielded sediment volumes of 0.5 mL, while unstable powders yielded volumes of 1.0mL.

Other parameters can affect the result such as the temperature of the coffee solution, the PH, the Effects surface of active agents (ionic and non-ionic effect), mechanical effect (stirring action after blinding), and particle size classification of the powder.

Appropriateness of the creamer for our health.

The main health concern in choosing a good creamer is to ensure that the creamer is ‘low calorie’. When buying your creamer, you should check on the following parameters:

  • – Calorie level: less than 20 calories.
  • – 0.5 g of saturated fat.
  • – Less than 2 g of sugar per tablespoon or zero-added sugar.

We don’t recommend this.

What is to be avoided in terms of creamers’ choice are flavored creamers. They are 1/3 sugar, With 4 or 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of added sugars, they reach 30 to 40 calories per tablespoon.

We recommend this.

In general non-dairy creamer are better than their dairy counterparts. We recommend plant-milk creamers. Don’t be fooled by the ‘fat-free’ label put on some creamer. Buy only original creamer from recommendable sources.

Below is a brief review of some of such creamers.

  1. The International Delight Flavored Liquid Non-dairy Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla, 0.44-Ounce Cups 192 Count.

The first thing I like about this product is that it is 100% Trans Fat-free. It has an openable dispenser and does not require refrigeration. It cost only $39.99 and the best place to get it is on Amazon.

2. Genuine Joe Non-Dairy Creamer-2.3 g Packet-800/Box.

The product is easily transportable. The Paquet has a total of 800 small packs of 2.3 g. The product has complete stability in hot water. The total weight of the Packet is 2.2 kg. the cost of the Product is $40.4 and the best place to get it is on Amazon.

3. NJO0827783-Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

This creamer is rich and smooth. Completely soluble in hot water and does not requires refrigeration. Easy open/Easy close pour spout. The best place to get it is on Amazon. This is a little more expensive than the two others above, but the extra cost is justified by the fitness and quantity of the Product. A single pack can make up to 1800 servings.

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