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Signs and symptoms of heart Attack in Women.



Heart attack is one of the most deadly diseases of our generation. Just like any other disease, a good education can lower the risk of sudden death heart attacks. Heart attack is not only men diseases, but women diseases as well. Then there’s the notion that only men have to worry about heart disease. “Many women think that it’s a man’s disease and that it can’t happen to them,” says Mary Ann Bauman, an Oklahoma City internist and the American Heart Association’s 2012 Physician of the Year. Heart attack in women is our focus in this article. The first thing to know is the signs and symptoms of heart attack in women. However, the diagnosis of a heart attack in women is more difficult than the diagnosis of heart attack in men.

What is the cause of heart attack in women?

The general cause of heart attack in both male and female adult is Smoking, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, inactivity, excess weight, diabetes, and family history.

What are the signs and symptoms of heart attack in women?

There are major signs and symptoms that could indicate a heart attack in women:

  1.  Chest Pain or discomfort.
  2. Breaking out in a cold sweat.
  3.  Lightheadedness or sudden dizziness
  4. Unusual super body discomfort.
  5.  Shortness of breath.
  6. Unusual unexplained fatigue (tiredness).

The subtlety of heart attack in women.

Heart attack in women is more subtle than in men. The type of heart disease that’s more common in women, called small artery disease or coronary microvascular disease. They are very subtle, but very dangerous as well. Most healthcare personnel do not appreciate correctly the early symptoms of a heart attack in women. The earlier a possible heart attack is detected, the greater the chance of overcoming the attack. Heart attack or heart failure is responsible for over 250,000 deaths a year among women in the United States. One in three American women dies of heart disease, making it the #1 killer. However, just like any other disease, a heart attack is preventable.

The most usual early symptom of a heart attack in women is unusual fatigue and sleep disturbance. Other symptoms included shortness of breath, indigestion, and anxiety. The most obvious symptoms of a heart attack in women include shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, cold sweats and dizziness.

At which moment of her life a woman is at the pick of risk of a heart attack?

A woman is at the peak of the risk of a heart attack when she stops to produce estrogen. There are many factors that have been shown to elevate the risk of heart disease for post-menopausal women, including the “deadly quartet” of chronic conditions that include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.2 Tobacco use also significantly increases the incidence of heart disease, which puts smokers – currently 20% of women in the United States – at additional risk. (Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS). 2004. Adult Cigarette Smoking in the United States: Current Estimates. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Retrieved January 25, 2006, from:

What could be done to reduce the risk of heart attack in women?

1. Education

the first thing you can do as a woman to prevent a heart attack is to educate yourself. Nothing can replace a good education about heart attack. a book such as the one below could be a good starting point for you.

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2. Exercise

Exercise is the next greatest means of preventing heart diseases. According to the

According to the American’s government Physical Activity Guidelines,

To improve your overall health, do 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity like:

  • walking briskly (3 mph or faster, but not race-walking)
  • water aerobics
  • bicycling slower than 10 mph
  • doubles tennis
  • ballroom dancing


75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity like:

  • race-walking, jogging, or running
  • swimming laps
  • singles tennis
  • aerobic dancing
  • bicycling 10 mph or faster
  • jumping rope
  • hiking uphill or with a heavy backpack

To improve your health, even more, increase your activity to 300 minutes a week of moderate-intensity OR 150 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity activity. If you go beyond either, you’ll gain even more health benefits.

So to exercise is the way forward. You might choose outdoor exercise as well as indoor exercise and having good equipment will go a long way to provide the needed exercise for your heart. that is why we recommend the following two equipment.

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Other Characteristic include:

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  •  Stepless Resistance Adjustment. This feature allows you to Choose a suitable RESISTANCE level by turning left and right in order to get the perfect effect.
  • YOGA MATS TO PROTECT THE FLOOR: Come with a yoga mat(120 x 61 x 1 cm) to protect the floor from collision.
  • FLYWHEEL: Powerful and stable 28.7 lbs(13kg) chromed flywheel connected with adjustable pressure resistance, riding more smoothly.

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In order to make your training more relax and enjoy, you can listen to music while training through the Bluetooth 3.0 Speakers from any enabled smart device. For your comfort,  the machine is built with Stationary handlebars with dual contact heart rate grips on side seat handlebars, articulating pedals with adjustable straps, with true ‘step-thru’ frame design , and a  6.5-inch blue backlit LCD screen with 28 program options and real-time feedback displaying time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, level, laps and heart rate . You would like to buy a model of the machine here.


Heart attack symptoms in women are more subtle than in men. This is particularly dangerous because this makes them fail to take preventive measures, heed warning signs, or seek treatment for symptoms. Understanding the complexity of a woman’s symptoms of heart and cardiovascular disease could greatly assist nurses and other health care professionals in designing interventions both to promote cardiac health awareness and to decrease treatment delay – key components in survival and recovery.

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