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sales funnel vs website


Let’s agree on this thing first.

You are certainly here because you know that you are wired with a unique gift/talent that can add value to the world around you and put some money into your pocket. You might have come across the knowledge that the Digital Revolution will help you to achieve that dream.  That is why you set up a window to showcase yourself to the world (your website). Am I right?

We should also agree that owning a website does not guarantee a web presence. This is to say that owning a website will not automatically showcase your products/services and do the hard job of putting money into your pocket. This will happen only and only if your website has become a tool that converts visitors into customers. Is your website doing this intended job flawlessly?

If your website is not in all sense of the term your greatest marketing asset, then there is a missing link somewhere. I’m here to contribute the little I can to your online journey by introducing you to a ‘must-have asset ‘if you must survive in the turbulent waters of Digital Entrepreneurship and get to where the big cash is.

# Caution: if you don’t understand the power of what I will expound upon here, you may waste much time and effort online without achieving what you could rate as an acceptable success. #

Let’s straighten this…Traffic is not your problem.

Through paid or free ads, you can get traffic. You are probably aware of a number of traffic sources. So, let’s not waste time on this… Hundreds or even thousands of people may be visiting your website on a monthly or even weekly base. The question to answer here is: ‘is this traffic buying gas for your car, putting food on your table and providing for your loved ones? ‘

Knowledge versus wisdom.

If the despite the ownership of a website and the presence of traffic on your website you are not achieving your financial aim, the problem might reside in your ‘unconscious’ or ‘conscious choice’ to surf over the waves of knowledge than on the ones of wisdom.

Setting a world-class kind of website requires a level of knowledge. You should have good writing or communication skills in order to write content that delivers;  you should understand stuff like SEO, and other basic techniques to make your website an attractive one.

All the investment you have been doing might have been only at the level of knowledge. There is nothing wrong with that!!! It is the ‘in-built trait’ of every human being who aspires to success. Your expectations are that, after all the huge investment, you just get some traffic to your website and boom!!! You start making a 4 or 5 figure income per month. It used to work like that 10 years ago. Things have changed. Wisdom demands that you pay attention to what is trending; it will take you faster to your desired destination.

Wisdom is the recognition of the right knowledge and its application to achieve the desired result. This should be the starting point.

In the Digital era in which we are living, things are changing very fast. Back in the years, Times magazine recognized that people used to give about 20 minutes’ attention to a new thing they saw. Today, they are spending about just 9 seconds to anything new they see. It is so because there are tons of information out there. So, a website that limits itself to the traditional role of providing information can no longer be relevant as back in the days; it is even worst if the information is presented in a boring manner. Customers need something more than a static website. They need a new form of purchasing experience!

Customers need something that could help them achieve the followings:

  • Identified who they are properly (where they live, what are their preferences, what can they afford-this is tied to their annual income-, etc.)
  • Guide them through the process of purchase towards something they specifically need. We call this a specific marketing sequence.
  • Create a follow-up sequence for their further needs.

What if you can get such a system instead of a static website? What if in addition to this, the system can allow the customer to refer other people to your site (that is creating your own affiliate program) and increase your potential to own only qualitative traffic that converts? This is a dream system I guess? The dream can now be your reality. The object of that dream-the system that will do the aforementioned tasks- is called a funnel.

Most people view a website today as a kind of ‘dead-static-kind-of-bunch-of-boring-visuals-and-texts’ (a wall) standing between the visitor and the actual product they want to buy (sorry if that sounds like something you know!!!). Sometime, you might think that qualitative content will do the job…but today, most people do not really care. In this digital age, you need exactly 9 seconds to catch someone’s attention and most people can’t afford the 5, 10, 15minutes… you want to get from them. This has brought about the near-death of traditional affiliate marketing using a website only.

A funnel is the best choice for anyone involved in Digital Marketing. A funnel is a web page that allows you to simplify the life of your customers by serving them at the highest level. It achieves this by taking them to the specific thing they need, it triggers an emotional experience in the customer. Guess what? Customers like that. You will be rewarded with power (influence, money, and freedom).

A funnel helps you to add value to your customer and the value you add to them is simplicity. They will reward you for that. However, for you to achieve this you must get to work. And the work starts with the willingness to set up your own funnel. You may be wondering, how? There is a platform that I would like to introduce to you that allows you to customize pre-design templates to your taste and according to the specification of your own business and this can make you set up a fully functional funnel in less than 10mn. I guess you want to hear about that? Click here to enjoy the 100% free information!!!

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