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A website is not enough to win in today’s market….

Using a website to try to get customers into your business has increasingly become a dying business model; it so because something more powerful it replacing it. That new thing is called a funnel. If you don’t understand the power of a funnel, you will wake up one morning just to find out that you are out of business…some smart guys will be using a smarter marketing asset to push you out of business.

Business Model of a Website!!!

You set up a website… You go to Google, Facebook, and Youtube… you buy traffic and people come to your website. You are hoping to convert visitors into customers.

When the crowd comes to your website, they find a dead-static-bunch of text and visual (and sometimes a lot of call to action in menus and submenus….kind of overwhelming the visitor!!!). These texts are visuals are sometimes overwhelming to the visitor who cannot afford to waste 10, 15, or sometimes 30 mn to go through them before they actually buy the service or the product who brought them there in the first instance. What happen? They simply go!!! Time wasted, money and effort wasted!!! This might just be the business model on which you have been taught.

Wisdom in Action.

Wisdom demands that we pay attention to what is trendy in any course of life we have embarked on. If we don’t…we will wake up one morning to find out that we are 10 of years behind! What if, instead of having a traditional website, you rather have a web page that will behave like a human being? That is a system that will literally interact with a human being? Such a system is called a sale funnel.

Working on a Sale funnel.

A sale funnel takes you into a sale process or a purchase sequence. After capturing traffic from whatever source you may choose (Facebook, Google, etc.), the system considers those people as leads. Leads constitute the first layer of an actual funnel. The next thing is to direct the lead via a sale process where prospects are presented with a specific offer that will turn them to customers and finally to clients.

Let’s Talk Business!

From a business standpoint, you spend money to bring people to your website (what we call cost per acquisition) and if you have to break-even, what they will buy must be more than what you have spent. Typically, doing this you hope to have a 3-5% conversion rate. The reality is that, in most cases, it is hard to break-even. This happens because, after the one time purchase, the customers may go and never come back to your site. A funnel allows you to propose to them upsell products this is to say that after the first purchase, some other related complementary products/services could also be suggested to them-this can increase your average cart value by up to 500%-. This puts more money in your pocket. It is even more interesting because a funnel allows you to set up a follow-up sequence that allows you to stay in contact with every customer who has purchased anything from your funnel and propose them to become an affiliate to your product. Only having this information will put you 10 years ahead of all your competitors.

What if I already have a website?

If you own a website and wish to build a funnel, your website might still be useful to you. Your website can serve as a pre-fame bridge where you will take people to your actual funnel. On your website, you can write targeted articles that will actually prepare people for the experience in your funnel. Your funnel will allow you to serve your customers at the highest point. It is so because, through your funnel, you will simplify the buying process for them. You can be sure that you will be awesomely rewarded by them. One thing is sure, people will always spend money on things that add value to them. The value you will add to people with your funnel is simplicity.

There is more to that a funnel can do…. Do you care to have a better understanding? For instance, you might want to know how a funnel can allow you to have some data about visitors that come to your page, how it allows you to easily get a viable mail list, how you can turn your customers to your affiliate, etc. Simply click here to learn more for free.



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