Milk Pot, Non-Stick Pan, Noodle Pot, Hot Milk Pot, Baby

Milk Pot, Non-Stick Pan, Noodle Pot, Hot Milk Pot, Baby Food Supplement Pot, Small Stock Pot, Instant Noodle Pot, Two (16cm) – The Multifunction Pot.

Product: Pot for Baby Food
Price: CDN$421.59

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
Size of Container: 16 cm
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Product Overview


The first thing to notice about the Pot is its relatively high cost: CDN$421.59. However, we all know through life experience that the price of an object is not really in the figure attached to the cost of having the object. The real price of an object should be considered in relation to its real value. An abject may cost $5 and another one $100, yet the $5 object might be more expensive than the $100 object. Everything depends on the value of the object. With time, we tend to notice that cheap objects are more expensive because they depreciate quickly and compel us to buy new ones. Spending money for a quality object is always more economical with time. The Pot presented here is not just a simple Pot; it is a Multifunction Pot. It is at the same time an ideal Pot for Milk, Noodle, Food Supplement, and a Non-stick Pan, A small Stock Pot, a Pot for Hot Milk.

I believe the relatively high cost of this post is simply due to not only is aesthetic appearance but mostly to his very high quality.

Features of the Pot

These are some interesting features of the pot that may make you want to have it for your baby:

The white layer of the Pot is made with ceramic material; this makes the pot easy to clean. At the same time, the ceramic nature of this layer confers to the pot wear-resistant properties that give a very large life span to the Pot. Also, the Ceramic material help in distributing heat in a uniform manner within the Pot.

The lid of the Pot is a High borosilicate glass lid with arched design and annular steam cooking easy to clean.

It should also be noted that the design of this Pot takes into account some economic considerations from the energy standpoint; the bottom layer of the Pot is made with a magnetic conductive layer, which enhances energy storage, saves energy, conducts heat evenly and reduces smoke.

In addition to the abovementioned features, the Pot is suitable for electric furnaces, gas stove, ceramic furnaces, induction cookers, etc.

For the sake of elegance and convenience in use, the rivets are made invisible, they are safely secured and durable.

Material, Design of the Pot, Precaution in using the Pot.

The Pot is 16 cm in diameter, the basic material of the Pot (inside) is Aluminum alloy ADC12. This will ensure that Baby food cannot be contaminated with residue of metals. This is important for the health of the baby. The outside material of the Pot is ceramic (deployed in the non-stick process). The Pot is lightweight, the Total Shipping weight of the Pot is 6 kg.

The Pot is very simple to use. It can be used like any other ordinary Pot for Milk, Hot Milk, Noodle, Baby food supplement, etc. Or like a Non-Stick Pan or Small Stock Pot. These are some precautions to observe when using the Pot:

Wipe gently with detergent before the first use and rinse off.

Apply oil on a soft cloth and spread evenly on the inner surface of the pan.

Heat on low heat for 2 minutes to achieve a fuel-efficient and protective coating.

Do not use a sharp, hard spatula, use wood, silicone shovel, etc.

Any additional info can be gotten by contacting the Manufacturer.

It’s Conclusive, in my own opinion, that in all respects, this Pot is among the very best in the market today. The only Cons about this pot might be his cost which is actually justified by the very high quality of the Product.

Never forget, the real starting point of wealth is health.



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