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Living the life of your dream

Leading the life of our dream is a deep-rooted desire in our hearts. I think it is so because God created us to be happy and that happiness is tied to what I could call ‘living the life of your dream’.

A life of dream means different things to different people…

A life of dream for a sportsman could mean winning all the competitions he will be involved with… ; for a housewife, this might mean to raise her children without struggle…; for the head of a family, a life of dream could mean providing accordingly for his family…; for a young man, this could mean success in a career course he has chosen…

The common denominator for our life of dream is the freedom to choose that life ourselves. Nobody is supposed to choose for us what should be the life of our dream. It is so because living the life of your dream is tied to the deployment of our potential. If we don’t deploy our potential, we cannot manifest our glory and if we cannot manifest our glory, we cannot lead the life of our dream…

Do not think that leading a fulfilled life is spending your days at the beach all day long doing nothing….if you think that is a life of dream, try it,  come and tell us!!!! I can guarantee that you will experience the boredom of a prison…

A life of dream is a life of deployment of giftedness… So in order to live the life of your dream, you must first find the gifting within. Your gifting is the potential within you that must be discovered, nurtured and deployed. The discovery of our potential is the discovery of our powerful inner self.

You can discover your gifting in three ways:

  • By reflecting deeply on what really moves you in life.

Seeing something bad can really get you angry, this might be an indication that you have a gift in you than can correct that bad thing. You can also be irresistibly attracted to something, which can just be the voice of the gifting in you crying. So if you can think deeply about yourself, you will discover something that you can really be passionate about. You will love to be doing it for the rest of your life. Your motivation goes beyond the financial benefit you can derive from doing it. This is the way to discover your gifting and your calling.

  • The second way through which you can discover your gifting is by observing what you easily succeed.

Life can provide you with many opportunities. You might have done some things just because you wanted to satisfy the wishes of someone. That ‘someone’ could have been a spiritual leader, a parent, or a friend. You might have tried to succeed at some things because the society expected that success from you…

The common example of this kind of success is academic success. Almost all parents expect their children to succeed via the conventional school system. To this end, children ought to force themselves in this kind of success. This might not be the platform designed for the gifting within them. But they just have to follow the status quo because someone expects that from them. A child can find that he/she sings with a lot of ease, plays piano with a lot of ease, care for others with a lot of ease, etc. What someone does with ease and joy might just be an indication of the gift within.

  • The third way to discover your gifting is by listening to the sayings of people around you…

Many people can just be making the same remarks about you. Some might have discovered that you talk too much. Maybe your gifting is to be a journalist or a motivational speaker or to do something related to much talking. By paying close attention to what the vast majority of people say about you, you could discover what will really cause you to make an impact in this life.

Living happily is to impact the life of otters positively. You are happy in the exact measure that you provide happiness to others, and impact their lives positively.

It is a must to discover your true gifting; this discovery will make you live your life in accordance with your true calling and you will achieve destiny.

Why people aren’t following their true calling?

For most people, mainly in the developing world, they are constraint by financial means. Most people in third world countries are struggling to make a living. They are not concerned about whether or not they have a gift. All they are concern about is a way to find money in order to cater to the basic necessities of life (food and shelter). For this single reason, a lot of potentials remain locked up in this part of the world countries. This situation is a minus for the whole world!!! Yes, it is a minus because if all of us could do what we are capable of doing, the world will be a far better place.

The real wealth of the world is the total sum of our productive efforts (the deployment of human potentials). There is no wealth in the world that could be compared to ‘deployed human potential’. If world leaders could concentrate on the discovery and collective development of human potentials, this will be the greatest good they could do to humanity.

Because of hardship, most people just focus on what put immediate cash into their pockets. And because of that they ignore or leave their potential untapped and undeveloped. This is a tragedy to humanity, the greatest tragedy to humanity. Someone said the wealthiest place on earth is the cemetery; He thought so because a lot of people are buried with untapped and undeveloped potentials.

Most people think that the conventional school system is the safest way to get success in life. Nothing can be far from the truth… the greatest success of humanity is not birthed by the conventional school system. We can confirm this by looking in the life of a legend like Jesus Christ, Bob Marley, Beethoven, Einstein, Bill Gates, Diego Armando Maradona, King Pele, Mohammad Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and so many others you know.

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Do you have the potential and need for freedom (time and financial means) to deploy it?

You need a system that can produce money to you in a recurring way without involving all of your time. Unless you will find a system that can generate a recurring perpetual income for you, you will do what 90% of people out there do. They spend their lives in the pursuit of money in order to make a living. That is not really great. It is really sad.

If you do not do the right kind of job, you cannot maximize your potential. Your job will frame your life whether or not you like it.

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