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About me

I m a 44 years old Cameroonian, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering. I m a believer in God, the creator of Heaven and Earth and of Jesus Christ his only begotten Son. Christianity has taught me that the way to happiness is to make others happy. One of the best way to make my fellow men happy is, I believe, by providing them with the right education. The education I hope to distillate here is not the one acquired in my Mechanical academic field but in a field relevant to all mankind: Nutrition and Health.

I got my education about food and its relation to good health by experience, by the advice of the specialists I mate in the course of my life and through many online materials.

My Motivation

It is true that I joined Affiliate Marketing because I needed additional income in order to make ends meet. I was fascinated by the idea of working from home, at my own space and using the digital tool that I so much cherish. But beyond these motivations, I derive personal pleasure in adding positively in the lives of others.

Personally, I have been cured on three different occasions just by using some commons herbs ( type of food) found in my country; from there I understood the relevance of the right nutriments in relationship with good health. I believe firmly that we are what we eat and consequently our food should be our medicine. Being, a firm believer of the Bible, my conviction is also based on this saying of the Bible: ‘ He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man:that he may bring forth food out of the earth’ Ps104:14

Educate and Inform is my goal

Some of us are ignorant about the fact that simple nutritional habits can greatly improve the quality of our life and consequently our overall productivity. We are ignorant simply because we are too busy to learn or simply because we have the preset idea that to life healthily, there are too many boring rules to follow and we do not just want to put ourselves under any kind of discipline. We are far from being right, one can practice simple rules and enjoy his life while practicing-the benefits outweigh by far the cost of the discipline.

Among the deadliest diseases of this generation are hearts related diseases and cancer. Researches proof that by a good hygiene of life and by eating certain kind of foods, these diseases can simply be avoided.

I aim to synthesis the material from my wealth of personal experience and from the teachings of many experts in the field of health and Nutrition in order for us to understand more clearly the relationship between what we eat and the consequence on our health. Most importantly, after we understand how much is important what we eat and how we eat it, we need to know where we can find it; this is the second purpose of our website.

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Meudje Charles

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