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How to prevent online scams?-Don’t be fooled!!!

Scams do happen

Isidor received an email from Mr. Henderson, a solicitor from a UK legal firm, advising him that he was the sole beneficiary of a deceased estate of Gavin Macarthur who had recently passed away in Scotland. Although Isidor advised Mr. Henderson that he didn’t know a Gavin Macarthur, he was assured by Mr. Henderson that there was a distant relationship and that Isidor was legally entitled to claim the £150 000 inheritance.

When Mr. Henderson provided Isidor with a death certificate for the deceased and an affidavit from ‘High Court of London’ confirming he was the next of kin, Isidor’s hesitation turned to excitement. With a young family to support, £150 000 would set him up for life. Isidor followed Mr. Henderson’s instructions to claim the money. Isidor provided copies of his passport and driver’s license to verify his identity and then supplied his bank account details so that the bank could transfer the funds directly into his account. Isidor even delayed a repayment on his mortgage so that he could pay the $8000 in taxes and legal fees that Mr. Henderson requested.

Isidor mentioned his good fortune to a few mates over a beer at the pub. One of his mates told Isidor that the whole thing sounded a lot like something he had seen recently on a television program where a whole bunch of scammers had been busted in West Africa. Isidor recognized many similarities and started to worry. He reported the conduct to the police and to the ACCC and sought help from a community legal center for advice. Unfortunately for Isidor, he was unable to recover the $8000 he had paid to Mr. Henderson, but by acting quickly and talking to his bank he was able to prevent any more money being drained from his account.

Stores like Isidor’s story are not isolated. We have all been scammed or attempted to be scammed. The Digital Revolution is here. It carries with it a number of undeniable benefits, but also a bunch of dangers.

We are here to give some tips that will shield you from scammers.  As much as the Digital Revolution can help everyone anywhere to do whatever they delight in to make a living, criminals are also taking advantage of the Digital Revolution to defraud people. We need to recognize scammers and their tactics in order to shield ourselves and families from their activities.

How to recognize scammers

A scammer will always disguise himself like a Government official well-known to you, like a super start, a member of a charitable organization, an old friend or even as a family member. These scammers will always pretend as if they want to provide you with some kind of help. They will never start by requesting any money from you. You must fall into their trap first and when you are in, they will abuse your confidence. So be warned!!!

How can you protect yourself from scammers?

8 ways of protecting yourself against scammers.

  1.  When some unknown person calls you, don’t be in a haste to provide them with personal information.
  2.  If they are presenting themselves as the representative of a company, do some online search about the Company or try to even contact the Company to be sure that they ask someone to calls you or that they send you an email. You can also type the ‘company Name’ + ‘Review’ in the Google search engine. You may also type ‘The Company Name’ + ‘Scam’ in the Google search engine. This can greatly help you to avoid been scammed.
  3. Do not think that if someone calls you with a number from the USA, the person is actually in the US. Thanks to technology, scammers can fake their numbers. To confirm the genuineness of a number, always try calling that number back. If the number is fake, it will not go through.
  4. Scammers will always ask you some small amount of money in order for you to get the big cash. No genuine helper will ever ask you upfront money in order to help you. The small amount of money they generally ask is for attorney fees, tax fees, etc. When you are faced with such an issue, get help at
  5. Don’t deposit a check and wire the money back. By law, banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days, but uncovering a fake check can take weeks. If a check you deposit turns out to be a fake, you’re responsible for repaying the bank.
  6. Don’t be overexcited about an offer. Scammers play on your emotions. They hope you will act in a haste and most of the time, they don’t want you to talk to someone about their offer. Always try to talk to someone before you accept a skeptical offer.
  7. Before you sign up for a ‘free trial kind of stuff’, read their policy. Sometimes, scammers can set you on an automatic recurring payment. Before you agree to a free trial, research the company and read the cancellation policy. And always review your monthly statements for charges you don’t recognize. Always consult your Paypal Account to check if there is a recurring or Automatic Payment. In such a case cancel it if you have not expressly authorized such a recurring payment.
  8. Don’t send money via MoneyGram, Western Union, Etc… use your credit card or better still use PayPal or Google Play.

What to do when you realized you have been scammed

You can report a scam to the Federal Trade Commission ( Scammers should be prosecuted. You have to report the scam to try to get back your money and also to prevent another innocent person to be scammed.

Characteristics of online ‘scam offers ’

The first characteristic of online scam offer is that they look too good to be true. And indeed they are. They are designed for the lazy, hasty and greedy. These online scams offer to make your dream that it is possible to make money without work, make it quickly and plenty of it. The preys to this kind of offer are lazy, hasty and greedy.

There is no such thing as gain without pain. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without work and without plenty of it. Something the work is boring, difficult and you fill like giving up. But that is the only genuine way to success. It is only in the dictionary that success comes to become work.

After arming yourself with the thought of work, you must also arm yourself with patience. In order to create a good online business, you need patience. You need to learn patiently. You need to learn from someone you can trust. You need to make research, to listen to people, watch videos and even talk to people. To be too much in a haste of making money. If you take the path of the ‘Overnight Millionaire’, you may end up where you have not really planned for i.e. in the ‘land of regrets’.

Build up your wealth gradually, by little steps. Rome was not built in one day. Learn how to make your first dollar online. Learn how to constantly make $30 online. From there you may gain the mastery of earning $100, $200, $300 ……$1000 per day!!! Little by little, just like a bird building its nest. A thousand day’s journey starts with just a step.

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