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How to get traffic in my website

Best way to get online traffic.

This is my ultimate secret to getting traffic  that converts

N.B This post is written for Affiliate Marketers only.

Brief reminders…

I’m an affiliate marketer. I’m writing this post to help my fellow affiliate marketers avoid the mistakes I did when I started this whole business…

As an affiliate marketer, the first question you must clearly answer is: where do I find my customers? or alternatively: How to get traffic in my website?

Starting a new journey can sometimes be overwhelming or even frustrating. The frustration can be even bigger if we are not really sure on the right path to take. I have related the frustrations I went through this online business in the post Best way to make money online in 2020.


I know how it can be difficult to start seeing real success in this whole online thing. I when through a lot of trials,  errors, and failures before I could actually find the offers that I could really promote and how to promote them and make money.

One of my greatest discoveries was the CLICKBANK BREAK THE INTERNET OFFER and the second was the CLICKFUNNEL OFFER.

Both offers are actually very great and can take you faster, and more easily to where you were planning when you first took this online journey.

You can get the link to my post describing the CLICKFUNNEL OFFER HERE.

A funnel: your greatest marketing asset.

You can get a 14 days free trial training on how to set a funnel and use it to promote your business on the link below.


Once you go through the trial and decide to use a funnel for your business, you can decide to also promote the business by becoming an affiliate, here is the place to go.

How to get traffic….the surest way!!!!

It is possible to know exactly where you can get the traffic that converts. This is so important because there are a lot of scammers out there and I have fall prey to many of them. They propose to bring 5000 visitors to your site every month or to place your ads on 8000 sites, but at the end of the day, you will see nothing… it is therefore important to exactly where you should buy your ads.

You can buy your traffic to where reputable companies such as amazon, CLICKBANK, CLICKFUNNEL, etc. get their own traffic….

If you are promoting a product that has a competitor, go to where the competitor buys traffic and buy the traffic there. In doing also, you are giving an alternative to customers and this can put good cash in your pocket.

Below are the top sites where big companies get their traffic:

  1. Get people interested in your type of business offer at LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can get one more free trial and if you get good results and want to continue, you will be paying $64.99 thereafter per month.
  2. You can use the software IQUALIF to extra white for people or business addresses( Name, website, email, phone number, etc)  from anywhere in the world. this is the link to the software:
  3. You can also use the website to propose your offers to the world.

To know exactly where big companies get their traffic, you can use the website there, you type in the provided field the name of the company you wan to get info about and the stats of the company will appear, including the sources of their traffic.

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