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It should be very clear to anyone that the internet environment is fast changing. In our previous posts, we have demonstrated that a website is no more the best option to promote a product or service. You can click the links below to read the posts If you have not read them yet:


A funnel: your greatest marketing asset.

If you have gone through the two posts, you are now convinced that a funnel will be the greatest marketing asset in the years to come. It is time to act…

You have two things you can do: create your own funnel or promote the offer so that people can create their own funnel.

To create a funnel takes about 10 minutes as you can see below.

Knowing what a click funnel is, you can decide to use one instead of a website to promote your business. This where you can get a 14 days free trial to set up a funnel and use it to promote your business

If you already have a website, your website can still be useful. It can act as a pre-bridge page to your actual funnel.

The other thing you can do after you have understood the difference between a funnel and a website, you can decide to promote the offer (becoming an affiliate at CLICKFUNNEL) of the funnel to a website owner who can decide to use the funnel. In such a case you will get 40% of whatever the persons pay.

To become an affiliate at CLICKFUNNEL, GO HERE to learn how you can retire in 100 days by becoming an affiliate at CLICKFUNNEL. There you will be given all the tools that will help you to become a super affiliate at CLICKFUNNEL. The training will last exactly for 30 DAYS.

If you sign up to 100 people per month or more, you will be giving an extra $500 recurring bonus per month in addition to your 40% commission for any paid user you signed up. If you can get up to 200 people signing up per month, you will be having an additional bonus of $1000.

If you want to help a friend or a family member to also become an affiliate at CLICKFUNNEL, The person could join the Program through your link. In such a case, if anyone signs up through a person, your friend or family member gets 40%commision on each paid sign up and you get 5%.

Remember that you can become an affiliate for free. The $100 you paid for the 30 days Training is only to get the maximum from the opportunity. Before you paid for $100 to become a super affiliate, for 4 days, you will be having a foretaste of what you will be taught for free. Again, to sign up for the training, click here.

If you decide to become an affiliate at ClickFunnel and you want to know where to buy the traffic that actually converts, I propose to tell you my ultimate secret on this post:

Best way to get online traffic.


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