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How make money from an Email List

Money can be made with an email list; this type of marketing is known as Email Marketing. This is a great way to have a B2B encounter with the prospect of your business. This is even more direct than posting an ad on Facebook, Google or YouTube. This type of Marketing will be more economical if you have the RIGHT STRATEGIES AND THE RIGHT PLATFORMS.

I will open my heart to you in this post to let you know exactly what I think of my WINNING STRATEGY IN AFFILIATE MARKETING.


                Basic Strategies

As a marketer (someone selling his own goods) or affiliate marketer ( someone selling someone else goods and earning commissions from sales), you must have a basic routine strategy that puts food on your table, fuels your car and get money in your bank account. This strategy must be scalable and replicable in order to be considered as a winning strategy.

I suggest the following basic as a winning strategy for affiliate marketers or for anyone promoting something online.

  1.  You must clearly identify the type of people you want to deal with. People who really need your products. (I will show you how you can achieve this with email marketing later). The advantage here is that you will be dealing with hot traffic or in the worst case with warm traffic.
  2. You must know where to find those people. For instance, on Facebook, there are groups interested in specific stuff such as WORK AT HOME, DENTIST, RESTAURANTS, etc. With Email Marketing, you can also speak with specific groups interested in your offers.
  3. You must have a bait. A bait is something that attracts your prospect to you. It might some free tips on how to achieve a particular purpose or a video talking about something that will interest them, or a course summary in a PDF format that will interest them. Today, on google everything that is posted starts with the word FREE. That FREE stuff is just a bait.
  4. Fish out your Customers and Own them. At this level, you can take the customers to your funnel and not to a website. A funnel is different from a website because the funnel is dynamic, unlike a website that is static. ( if you do not have a funnel, you can try one for free here)

Using a Purchased Email

Most Email Marketing platform does not allow the use of PURCHASED LISTS. For them, it is illegal to use a PURCHASED list. However, a purchased list has the unique advantage that it can be used to get hundreds of thousands of Prospects at a low cost. In addition, you can engage those Prospects at a Personal level(B2B). Some Platform such as XXXX allows the use of PURCHASED LISTS.

The XXXX platform allows you to send ten of thousands of emails per day. If for instance, you choose to be sending 50 000 emails per day, with a click rate of only 1%, you can have at least 500 prospects clicking your links per day (with Google pay per click, this will cost about $1000 per day if a click is rated at $2). And with a conversion rate of only 1%, You can have at least 50 conversions per day.

The good thing with this strategy is that you can do this over and over again. In fact, you can do this indefinitely. The Model is scalable( You can increase the number of your sendings per day at will) and replicable( When you have finished using a list, you can purchase a new one and start over again).  Another good news is that you can get up to date purchased list having more than one million contacts from any country around the world and mostly from Northern American Countries at a reasonably low cost; I recommend this place for the purchase of Email lists.

There are also platforms such as Elastic Email which can legally allow you to send an unlimited number of emails per day to a fixed number of contacts.

When using a purchased list, take the following steps:

  1.  Purchase your list here.
  2. Your Purchased list will be an Excel spreadsheet in the CSV format (recommended format for the Contact list). Filter the list in Excel, Using the Filter Icon in the Menu Bar of Excel ( It looks like a Funnel).
  3.  The Contacts are now grouped in accordance to the Industries. You can copy out the contacts for your Specific Industry. Ensure that You save them in the Same CSV format.
  4. Now, you can create an account at XXXX.  After purchasing a Package you will be tutored on how to use the Platform.

A suggestion for the rest of the contacts.

You can use the rest of the contacts to make more money by promoting a product of interest to any type of industry. You can propose to the rest of industries to use a sales funnel. Let me repeat here what I have already say in another post.

Can you observe that with the Digital Revolution, many businesses have endeavored to get a website?

What if you knew a problem that all website owners confront, and you have a solution for those websites?

The next natural question you will be asking yourself will be: how can I contact those website owners to provide them with my innovative solution if I have any?

Now imagine that I can freely show you both the innovative solution a where to get the contacts of as many website owners as you wish. Your job will simply be to use a good platform to send tell them about the innovative solution. When they decide to use an innovative solution, you will start earning commissions. Is that not simple enough.

The innovative Solution: A sales Funnel.

A sales funnel is a web page that most Digital entrepreneurs (Website Owner) Will prefer to use if only they Knew all the Power therein.

A funnel is the best choice for anyone involved in Digital Marketing. A funnel is a web page that allows you to simplify the life of your customers by serving them at the highest level. It achieves this by taking them to the specific thing they need, it triggers an emotional experience in the customer. Guess what? Customers like that. You will be rewarded with power (influence, money, and freedom).

A funnel helps you to add value to your customer and the value you add to them is simplicity. They will reward you for that. However, for you to achieve this you must get to work. And the work starts with the willingness to set up your own funnel.

Want to learn more about a sales Funnel? CLICK HERE.

Want to know the best way of promoting a sales funnel, click here

Some tips for using a Purchased list

  1.  Make Sure that you properly identified those that you will be sending the email to. This is important because if they don’t show interest by opening and clicking, your mails can be seen by Yahoo as spams.
  2. Do not send a lot of mail on the same day. Go gradually. You can send only 500 mail the first day, after 1000, 2500, 5000, 10 000, etc. A platform such as Elastic Email or XXX allows you to segment the outcomes of your email sending; you can know exactly those who open the emails and those who clicked it (Engaged Contacts). You can Also see the bounced emails, the bounced rate and other stats that can allow you to better plan your email sending campaign.

Finally, I wrote a post on how to organize your email sending sequence. Click here to read it.


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