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If your website is not doing the job of converting your visitors into customers, and then into clients, you need something called a sales funnel.

The importance of sales funnel.

A funnel is a kind of web page that directs a customer into a sale sequence ( see below). The funnel goes further by setting up a follow-up sequence that can allow you to make additional sales to your customers (downsell and upsells). A funnel is not just a web page, but a page built with the intent to offer to a visitor a unique purchase sequence. A funnel offers customers a unique experience that a traditional website doesn’t.

The job of a funnel includes the generation of leads, the sale of products, creation of a membership, collection of email addresses, creation of a summit, setting up an auto webinar, setting of a squeeze page, etc.

A sale funnel can add a simple order form, one upsell, one downsell, making you make more money on only one purchase from your page.

A sale funnel is increasingly becoming a digital market asset that will phase out the traditional website.

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If you own a funnel, I want to tell you 6 secrets that will make your funnel work optimally…

These are the 6 secrets:

  1. You must clearly know who you want to attract in your business.

A business is always meant to serve a particular niche. If you don’t have customers, it means that your business is not targeting anyone in particular. When you have clearly defined the people you want to serve in your business. You have succeeded at least 25%. If your business is design to clearly provide a solution to a clear problem, you will surely add value to some people and there is no way you will not be awesomely rewarded with influence and money.

  1. The next thing is to know where to find the people concern about your products/services.

It is said that birds of the same feather flock together. This means that people of common interest always group themselves. There is always a place where you can meet drunker, prostitutes, knowledge workers, lawyers, etc. For instance, on Facebook, people are grouped into communities. The people who are in a given community on Facebook have the same interest. For instance, you have communities for job seekers. Either you go to a physical place to find people who share the same interest or you go online, you can always find a place where you can find people sharing the same interest.

LinkedIn is a place where you can find professionals in the pursuit of the same career. You can go to a place like to know the traffic source of your major challenges. If they are powerful enough, you will see them listed with key statically data about them.

  1. You must always have a bait.

A bait is something you will be willing to give out in order to attract your potential customer. It is a kind of ethical bribe. This bait might be free training you are willing to offer, it might be a book you want to give out for free, a video, tips, information, etc. That thing must be attractive enough in order to catch the attention of your potential customers.

  1. You must know where you want to take your customers to.

What is the main offer? After that first sale, what else do you what to sell to them as a complementary product (Downsell and upsell)?



  1. Once you have attracted potential customers into your funnel, in order to keep them you must develop an attractive character.

The attractive character has everything to do with your communication style.

What is your communication style? Are you a mere entertainer? Are you an educationalist? Are you the funny communicator, are you the evangelist? Are you the educa-trainer (i.e. you educate while entertaining)? Etc.

You must develop a communication style that can really engage people. Your communication style must make people read you and want to read you again. You must be warm and really show concern. Remember, you are not here primarily to make money but to help people (your niche) with a particular service/product. This should be foremost in your head. People succeed financially not just because they want money, but because they have found a need and are willing to fill it.

In your communication style, you must demonstrate that you share the dream of your audience, you understand their failure, you can even excuse those failures, you are willing to help them stones their enemies. If you do that you can win the heart of anybody. Blair warren summarized this in what he called the 27 words persuasion course:

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks on their enemies.

  1. You must have a clear understanding of the sale sequence of a funnel.

Phase1. Understand the traffic temperature.

Where you go to the place where you want to get your potential customers, you will always meet three types of people. we can classify them into three types of traffic.

The cold traffic. this is people who are indifferent to your offer. They don(t really understand that value that your offer can add to them. So, they are cold. this category of people will not enter your funnel at all.

Warm traffic. These people have an idea of the value you want to add to them. their idea of your offer is vague and they are not quite sure of the value of your offer for their lives. So they are warm; they are neither cold nor hot. this people can enter your funnel, but may never be qualified as customers.

Hot traffic. these are people who understand the value you want to add to their life. they love it. they can wait to get it. this is the warm traffic. It is only people of this type that will enter your sales funnel and allow you to take them exactly where you want to. they will become not only your customers but your clients.

Phase2. The pre-frame bridge.

This is a condition that people must fulfill before they enter your funnel. THis might be a squeeze page where you are asking their name and their email. People who really want to know about your offer, will not hesitate to exchange their email for a piece of information they deem necessary for them. By this Pre-frame bridge, you are preparing the ground for a highly converting web page.

Phase3. Qualified subscribers.

Your pre-frame bridge has helped you to get only quality subscribers into your funnel. They are quality because they have been willing to establish a relationship with you by giving you their email. The funnel I work with for instance can use someone’s email to get information about them such as their Facebook page, their address, their yearly income, etc. This information will help you to meet your potential customers at different places, make a customize sale for them, and follow hem up.

Phase4. Qualified buyers.

These are the set of people who are willing to purchase your main offer. They are qualified because they actually purchase your main offer.

Phase5. hyperactive buyers.

These are the set of people who are ready to purchase whatever you have to offer. they are so engrossed with your products/services. You can make upsells and downsells from them.

Phase6. Age and ascend the relationship.

This is the building of a relationship with your customers who have become your clients. the interaction has become continual and you can interact more deeply with them. you will then take them to phase7 of the funnel.

Phase7. Change the selling environment.

When the relationship age up, you have to change the selling environment. You might decide to call the client on the phone, to get a video talk with him/her, or to have a face-to-face meeting with the client.

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