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A New Successful You

Any kind of achievement starts with goal settings.

However, you need to set smart goals for yourself. It is only by knowing exactly where you want to reach in life that you will be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to reach your goal. setting the right goal gives you the guide of which part of your life is merely a distraction to your long-range plans. It concentrates your accumulated knowledge and helps you organize your available resources.

Smart goal setting can be defined with the acronym SMART such as:

  • Specific goal
  • Measurable goal
  • Achievable goal
  • Ressources-driven goal
  • Timely goal.

To achieve such a goal, you must feel capable of achieving even greater goals. You must start small, but constantly refine your strategy in order to improve your performance and results. you must be self-motivated and give room for temporary failure. failure does not mean that you are an idiot, but it just shows you a path you wouldn’t have taken in the first place.

Building self-confidence and self-estimate are necessary ingredients you must arm yourself with. Be sure that the path will not be easy. There is nothing in this world worthwhile that does not require effort and sometimes a lot of it. Nobody wants to hear the cries of a laboring woman, but everyone wants to see the born baby.

When you have a clear goal, you must also plan to eliminate attitudes that cause distractions (e.g. the ones that hold you back causing unhappiness). On the Internet, there are too many things crying to get your attention. You must be focused and learn to say No!

How to start a smart goal setting?

The first step in setting your goals is to put into careful consideration of what you want to achieve in your entire lifetime. Your lifetime goals will give all of your actions and decisions in the right direction. It shapes all other aspects of your every decision making.

Since this is about your lifetime goals, you may well be looking at a broad horizon. Here are some important areas in your life that need consideration:

– career and finances
– education
– family
– art and sports
– physical and attitude
– entertainment and pleasure (travel, etc.)
– social and public service

After carefully choosing what you want to achieve in every category, make a priority list that will number these categories from 1 to 7. You may even add more aspects to the list if needed. Remember that this is your smart goal setting list, it should fit your needs – not your parents, peers, family, or people around you. It is for you – not anyone else’s.

Check to see if all is in place. A careful review is important – this will ensure that all is in place the way you want them to be. Review your plans every now and then to make sure this is what you really want and that you are doing everything right. If modifications and reworking are necessary, then by all means do so.

The right attitude for smart goal setting

One important thing in smart goal setting is self-discipline. This will help you carry through your dreams and vision in life despite the problems and hassles that may arise. If self-discipline is present, goal setting is also relatively easy because of your positive attitude towards your effective guidelines will help you rather than hold you back.

Researches and surveys have shown that people who set their goals in life effectively suffer less from stress and have fewer tendencies to have anxiety attacks. They also learn to concentrate and performance better. Finally, they show more self-confidence and are more at peace with themselves making them happier and satisfied people.

Be one of them now, start your smart goat setting plan today. chose an online business, stick, and it and pay the price you need to. All genuine online business will require from you 3 things: Your Time, Money, and Energy. But you stand the chance of gaining extra money or even creating a PERPETUAL RESIDUAL INCOMe for yourself and your family.

I m here to discuss some genuine online opportunities with you…I have listed only genuine opportunities that can help you to lead your dream life…that is to create a passive income and do with your time what you truly love doing. life should be a race after money…rather you are supposed to earn money in order to pursue our true dream.

1. Consider a Career in Digital Marketing

The Best Recent Graduate Jobs (What Colleges Don’t Teach)

Every college should show every student how to get good recent graduate jobs. They should show students how to start their careers. How to make money. How to pay back their student loans. How to finance a house and a car, support a family, and build a life. But they don’t.

The search for recent graduate jobs can be as daunting as searching for the Lost City of Gold or a four-leaf clover. Millions of smart, good students graduate every year with degrees in History, English, even Business… and no job prospects, fighting for a single job interview, and often getting jobs they could’ve procured without a degree.

Know, because for the past 2 years I’ve been showing people how to get the best recent graduate jobs right out of college in the field of Digital Marketing. And in some cases, or even high school. I’ve helped students with no previous experience or education get jobs paying at much as $50,000 a year, which they can leverage into a secure career.

In this article, I’ll explain where the best graduate jobs are, and a practical way to get into them.

The first major thing to understand when you leave an isolated bubble of college and seek recent graduate jobs is that Employers do not care at all about your degree (unless you are going to seek a job in Engineering or a similar STEM field).

The problem is that most college graduates simply do not have any skills that Employers in any field find valuable or essential. There is no Liberal Arts factory. This is why so many graduates either end up applying for entry-level customer service, assistant, or retail positions. And oddly enough, the most underemployed majors (according to are also the most popular majors.

The solution to this problem is simple: get skills that employers need.

The internet is the great equalizer when it comes to getting new skills. 20 years ago it was expensive and difficult to get training in relevant skills, and the training was almost always behind the curve of the market. Today, the unbelievable reality is that the internet is providing more powerful, relevant, and actionable skills training than what is available in colleges.

What skills should you get? Again, it’s the internet to the rescue.

Linkedin, the world’s largest career networking site, has a list of the Top 25 Skills that Employers need in 2018. Not surprisingly, nearly all of these skills involve technology. This is a quick overview taken from their 2016 report (the best graphic — the top 10 skills have remained virtually the same for the past 2 years with some changes in ranking.

2. Do Extramural classes or Tutorials online on your Best Subject.

“If you want to enjoy the Good Life: Making money in the comfort of your home teaching online, then this is for you!”

As a student (University or college student), you always have a topic you master than the others. You might fill specially gifted for biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, a Language, Arts, Computer science, Drawing, Etc. You can make some income out of it if you want to teach about the topic in your free time.

The Digital Revolution has made it possible for you to earn money with your gift without even leaving the comfort of your home. In the digital era, you don’t need to commute anymore, wasting precious hours struck in traffic. Instead, you operate from the comfort of your favorite couch, a cup of coffee at your elbow, while your neighbors struggle to scrape the ice of their windshields on bitter winter mornings, just so they can drive to their hated job treadmills.

This is a snap picture of what you can achieve if you decide to place an economic value on your teaching gift.

  • Earn $30-$50
    per hour teaching online classes
  • Earn $15-$25 per hour tutoring online
  • Earn up to $500
    per month per student
  • No experience required on minor subjects
  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Set your working schedule!
  • Teach or tutor no matter where you are in the world!
  • Fast and easy payments via PayPal, Online Check or Wire Transfer (Wire transfer fee applies)

Note that this niche of business is in great demand. In 2012 it was worth $8 BILLION worldwide and Global Industry Analysts, Inc. predicts yearly double-digit growth that will make it breakthrough more than $200 BILLION by 2020.

So, if you have special knowledge or a teachable skill – such as having a second language – then you have all you need to step up a bright new prestigious world of large paychecks, paid direct into your bank account while you operate from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The demand for online teachers and tutors has never been greater!

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3. Stop wishing, Start a Writing Job today!!!

As a student, you must have developed some writing skills. It is now time to earn money from such a skill. The Digital revolution had made it possible to use your writing skills and make money from the comfort of your home and free time. With your writing skills, you can earn anywhere in-between $1000 to $5000 using a dedicated online platform. Click here to get started.


4. Your opinion counts, Start making money from your opinion today!!!

As a student you are exposed to many subjects in the classroom, you can also learn from the multicultural environment you find yourself in. All these things have made your knowledge. Your opinion counts and you can make a living just by giving your opinion on some subjects of concern to you.

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5. Enjoy yourself and make Money: Games Testing.

I’m sure you like the adage:’ all work and no play makes John a ….’.It is also possible for you to earn money at your leisure time just by testing Games. Click below to know how this is possible to make money online while enjoying yourself. The Digital Révolution has made it possible.

Conclusion: Aim for success!

Success is your birthright.

Frustration usually arises from situations where people feel they have no control of.

Consider this young executive who has forgotten to prepare his sales pitch for tomorrow. He’s scheduled to present to the ten top executives of a company about the latest luxury car that had arrived yesterday morning. It is already two hours past midnight. He was so tired. He is still wearing his office clothes. Two in the morning and only now that he remembers to study the car parts, engine, and new gadgets. Now, he wants to point the blame to his boss for having him write the monthly report when he knew very well of his scheduled sales pitch. If only he had written it down or punched a reminder on his PocketPC.

To succeed, you must plan against success pitfall. what are they?

  • Unattainable goals.
  • financial obstacles. Cut your coat according to your size. start with the little in your pocket and grow from there.
  • No plan to overcome pitfalls to success. Setting goals and objectives is much like very careful planning. A person must identify possible threats to the completion of the goal and outline strategies to counter them.
  • No knowing your priorities. Identify your priorities in life. Most people don’t even know what or who they want to be in the future.
  • Ignoring your fears. Most people fear to set goals. Either they are afraid of their future or they just simply chose to enjoy the present. Usually, the former is identified as the culprit. Fear of setting your goals too high. Fear of committing. Fear of not knowing what course to tread on. Whatever you fear, keep in mind that by setting goals and objectives, you are, step by step, moving towards your dream.

I think I did a good job of presenting you with these opportunities. I also wish you to take the right decision. Resolve yourself, take action, and thank me later. You can enter a bright new journey from today henceforth. The future is very bright. You can choose one or another of the opportunities presented to you here or you may choose a combination of them. It is all up to you. It all depends on the calling you fill deep inside you.



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