Best way of making money online in 2020.

The one Best way of making money online in 2020.

Caution: Read this to the end if you do not want to spend thousands of USD online before you make your first dollar.

My journey to the amazing discovery.

I wrote this post thinking of all those who have been struggling online to make their first dollar. Some have been in this business for some time now and some are just starting the journey; both categories might still be asking themselves if they will make it.

Much might have realized already that the many kinds of stuff they have been promised have not yielded the results that they were expecting….Yes, it is because there is a missing link somewhere and we are here to address the matter.

My name is Charles Meudje. I’m more than 10 years old as Digital Entrepreneurs. I was trained as a Mechanical Engineer. But I realized during my school-days that I could not be at the top of my career without embracing the Digital Revolution. I learned about programming and how to use online resources. That allowed me to help so many of my classmates and also to make some good cash; my interest in the Digital world grew and I finally forsook everything to become a Digital Entrepreneur.

I have always been convinced that I could make it ‘big’ online. I knew that the Digital revolution could help me work at my own pace and according to my own terms. In short, I knew that the Digital revolution could help me live my life to the fullest. However, I was no really sure how I could actualize that dream and there was no one to tell exactly what to do.

I read a report from the Bolton Consulting Group (BCG) saying that more than $4.2 trillion were transacted online every year, but I did know what all this urge money was spent on. Worse of it all, I  could not figure out how I could take advantage of the global online opportunity.

I have tried several things online, but nothing seems to work as I was expecting. In every new thing I started, I poured all my heart in it, but my efforts were not yielding the expected results. I got my share of online frustrations.

It is out of the burden of seeing that you do not go through the same universities of hard online knocks that I’m willing to share this with you.

In all I did online from years, despite the apparent and repeated failures, I have never lost sight of the fact that wherever there is a will, there is a way….

The best online Business Model.

In my quest for success, I started to study online business models. I learned about e-commerce, drop shopping, e-store, Affiliate marketing, etc., and I finally agree with many scholars that the best online business model was Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the Best business model because it does allow you to sell products you have not created. In doing so, you can make commissions on sales. Some smart people create some smart products and invite you to promote them-providing you along with all necessary resources- giving you the privilege to share in their profit; You can share from 10% up to 75% in the profit of someone who has created a product or a service. Better still, the Digital revolution has even taken Affiliate marketing farther with the introduction of webinars.

Better than traditional affiliate marketing.

If you can remember the days of the Goldrush in the new continent (America). The money hunters were divided into two camps, the Gold diggers and those who provided the material for gold-digging. The Gold diggers were the actual people who were doing the hard work of digging the gold. Some other people focused only on providing-at a cost- the materials (shovels, buckets, shoes …) that will help them to dig the gold. Finally, those providing the material to dig the gold became richer than those who were actually digging the gold.

The same situation is observable on the internet today. A certain category of people is implementing the techniques provided to them to dig the gold whilst others are the coaches. Those telling the people what to do are everywhere on the internet. Some are just jokers while others are serious business-minded people.

Coaches use the power of writing and visuals. They use blogs, websites, YouTube, etc. and almost all these media are pointing to one thing: webinars. Coaches get their pan of the flesh by promoting webinars. A webinar is an online training that basically teaches you how to make money online in a given niche.

Webinars are very powerful because you have the opportunity to relate to the product or service creator directly and ask your questions. Those who follow webinars get quickly ahead of their competitors. And the webinar presenters make money in hundreds of thousands of USD.

Webinars is the way forward to make the online BIG BIG BIG cash. However, you may not have the technical expertise to set up your own webinar, or making a presentation might not be your gifting.

My discovery.

Today, you have the unique privilege to be presented with the best of CLICKBANK innovation ever. The name of the opportunity is ‘CLICKBANK BREAKS THE INTERNET’. Here, you are being provided with a software that allows you to promote any webinar from a set of the most converting webinars and get up to $1000 if only one person assist the Webinar training and decide to buy the product promoted in the webinar. What if 2, 3, 8…10, 20 persons can convert on a monthly or even a weekly base.

I also know that it is not your fault if you traded the path you have traded so far. You surfed on the information that crossed your path at a given point in time. You felt on the Gurus who were just interested to get your money. Once your money was gotten, you faced the cold reality that things are not as expected. Yet you still have your bills to pay and your loved ones to care for. But now you have the chance to know better.

I believe that everything is put in place by CLICKBANK to make you take advantage of the power of webinars to get to the real success you deserve. The product you will be presented with has been created from the experts of ClickBank and it is the result of the view of online marketing from on top of a 10 000 feet mountain for close to 20 years. The kind of interrupting innovation presented here has never been seen in the marketing industry; it is an opportunity to use an automated webinar. Check here to test the power of webinars in online money making. The clear benefit here is that you can now earn money smartly without doing a ton of useless work. I’m convinced, as in my case, this opportunity will finally make you lead the life of a dream that first brought you online. This is what the opportunity offers you:

  1.  Unlimited Access to the ‘Break the Internet’ WebinarX system.
  2.  ‘Break the Internet’ Essential training videos.
  3. Webinar HQ Platform and Hosting
  4.  Proven Money Making Webinar offers.
  5.  Member Only Private Forum
  6.  Expert Interviews with Top Clicking C.
  7. The Ultimate Webinar Case Study.
  8.  Market & Customer Research Course
  9.  Matt O’ Conor’s ClickBank sessions (from CB)
  10. 52 live office hour coaching sessions ( from CB)
  11.  Unlimited Access to ClickBank University Premium



I think I poured out my heart t you here. I think you will live to thank yourself for this opportunity if you can take the right action. You can leverage the hard work done by the smart guys and earn some cool cash The Best thing you can do now is to check out the best opportunity of Making Money Online in 2020. The opportunity might save you years of trials and errors.

You can always call and ask for my help if you get any concerns along the way. I also think that you may never need me again after now because, with ClickBank, You will be in the hand of experts that will patiently answer all your questions.

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39 thoughts on “Best way of making money online in 2020.

  1. Clickbank is awesome!  Thank you for this great post!  I love using Clickbank in my site because they have so much to offer in their affiliate program.  Do you use clickbank a lot on yours?  They also have something like a University, where you can learn how to effectively use affiliate marketing.

    1. ClickBank sell mostly Digital Products. You can attend the Click Bank University for free. You can also pay a premium to go on Clickbank University premium. I think their hottest offer, for now, is CLICKBANK Break THe Internet. If you did not check it through the link I provided, I think it will be a good idea to check. 

    2. ClickBank sell mostly Digital Products. You can attend the Click Bank University for free. You can also pay a premium to go on Clickbank University premium. I think their hottest offer, for now, is CLICKBANK Break THe Internet. If you did not check it through the link I provided, I think it will be a good idea to check. 

  2. Thank you for your post. I started online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities.

    Here comes your article: The one best way of making money online in 2020. It is indeed a journey to the amazing discovery. I particularly like your description on the benefits of the program. The unlimited access to ClickBank University premium is my favorite, since I am beginner and it is likely I need to spend more time on the training.

    I tried to find how much does it cost to join the program, but don’t get the answer yet. Do you have information on this?

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

    1. Yes, I think I have a page where the cost of the program is. Just let me have your email address so that I can send it to you. Have you tried to click the link in my articles? just click them, I think you can also get to know the financial details from those links.

      Check the links in the articles:

      You may also check directly here to get to get more detailsz about their program.

  3. Online businesses are growing really fast and opportunities to make some really cool money online keep increasing and only those who are privileged to have a knowledge of it are profiting from these means. Affiliate marketing happens to be a really good means today, and it can’t be in doubt that it’s the best means today online. The fallacies that one needs to have a good capital to start making money have been removed by the genuineness of making money from being an affiliate.
    When it comes to Clickbank, I haven’t really paid much attention and that is something I would like to give some extra interest in. Best regards

  4. I agree that affiliate marketing is the best way to go when building an internet website that is designed to make you money.  I am not all that sure about Clickbank.

    I’ve used them, mostly to find out what other businesses are out there that I might review.  I’m not familiar with their courses, though have lately been getting emails about them.  I’ve looked at their affiliate program, and they don’t have products from companies that are in my niche, so gave up on that one.

    So let me see if I have this straight:  Clickbank has a list of webinars that you can promote, and every time someone takes one of these webinars and buys the product, you get $1,000.  Is that correct? You are right — this one sounds like a win-win situation.  Does it cost you to get in on this promotion idea?  I would think that Clickbank wants their pound of flesh from us.

    I hope you can answer my questions.

    1. I m a CB affiliate.

      You have two options here:

      (1) It is either you can promote CB digital products and get a commission as an affiliate and that those not cost you a dime or

      (2) you can buy the digital product and use it. The Digital Product CLICKBANK BREAK THE INTERNET is software that allows you to promote CB’s best webinars and if someone subscribes to any product promoted by the webinar you can get paid to up to $1000. if you get any inquiries, you can email me at so that I can share more light on this. 

  5. ClickBank is a very legit company and does have a good training platform and really is something I would like to take advantage of.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds available at the moment to cover the monthly costs.

    I can definitely see the advantage of being part of this platform, getting training directly from the source, learning what is trending at CB and how to get it going to generate income by selling/promoting CB products or even those I might be able to come up with.

    The value is definitely there.  It’s just not an option for me at this time. It is something I will keep in mind though.


    1. Yes, you got it. Money can never be an issue. The best thing is to get the right information. with the right information, you will always make money. Let me have your email address your updates on similar articles. 

      Whener you will be ready, I advise to start by going here.

  6. It’s very true that affiliate marketing is the best business model online and it I very lucrative if the right and appropriate trainings and skills are acquired. I’ve been into it for a while now so I know quite a bit about it. Clickbank is a very good and profitable business too. I’ll share this article to some platforms so that they can benefit from it. It’s very thoughtful to share this helpful article.

    1. Thank you so much for your decision to share this article on other platforms. My overall purpose is to help newbies frustrated online entrepreneurs to avoid the hard and costly path of trials and errors. I hope to publish a similar article soon. If I can have your email contact, I will send you the link, when they will be ready. 

      Check on this link to learn how you can use youtube to maximize the financial power of your website.

  7. I must first commend this great effort that has been put in this article to make it a very helpful and sensible whole like this, I’m a kind of person that doesn’t get so convinced just easily, I love to make my own personal enquires but reading through this article, I see that it contains everything needed to be know about Affiliate marketing and most especially Clickbank which happens to be one of the most sorted out for in the online business world. This will help newbies choose straight instead of wandering around. 

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I went through a lot of trials and errors myself, I got a lot of frustrations, and I make a mission to help others not to trade on the same path of frustrations I traded on. 

      I think one of the things you could do is to learn from dedicated professional as those at Clickbank.

  8. I have never given Click bank a try because I see a lot of people who write about it and say that some of the products they offer are scams but now i can see that that is not the truth. I feel that I need to give Clickbank a try judging from the fact that they give good commissions on their products. Is there a promo that Clickbank is currently running?

  9. Oh yes, Clickbank. I have seen a couple of people talk about it before but I have never thought to give it a try yet. I think It was because I didn’t understand what digital products are. Thankfully, you have explicated on that here. Thank you very much for this awesome post, i will check it out Cheers!

    1. I m studying other opportunities apart from Clickbank. Let me have your email so that when I get my facts straight, I send you an email to recommend only what works …This will prevent you to waste your time and resources the wrong ways. You can let me have your email so that I can always update you on posts which have similar contents  

  10. Clickbank has been the best affiliate platform I have ever worked with and I intend doing that more often as the year runs by. They have quite a lot to offer and all at a wholesome price. I also learnt a lot from the university where I was trained to know the ways to maneuver my self and yo keep growing. Great post here and I would love to know of more ways to make money apart from clickbank

    1. I agree with you about the offers of ClickBank. Before I commend an opportunity, I study, analyze and test the opportunity before I recommend it. I have some other opportunities I m testing. Let me have your email. When I will be ready, I will send you an email to inform you. 

  11. Getting it right with affiliate marketing cannot be without clickbank as I have heard that they offer the best affiliate commissions on most products. I fancy this a lot and surely would be worth trying out. I’m still a bit new to the system of making money on the internet but then, consistency and persistency are the keys to reaching the goals as an online entrepreneur. Clickbank surely would be worth giving a trial too. Thanks

    1. I think that the surest way to go through the adventure of online business is to have a portfolio of investments. ClickBank opportunities are stuff that ought to be in our investment portfolio.

      Again, Thank you for comment. 

  12. I really enjoyed reading your article and learnt from it as well. I have tried various online ways to make money in the past but all to no avail. Tried dropshipping, cryptocurrency, filling out surveys and others but they led no where. I came to that conclusion Affiliate markeketing is where it is at and am now just concentrating on that. The product sounds really good. I shall have to look into it. Thanks.

    1. Yes, I will help you all the way long. Just let me know when you purchase CB offers. If you have any questions whatsoever , I will help you. since I have your email, I will send you the link to another best article soon.
      God bless. I think the best way to start with CB is to check their proposal about funnel building here.

  13. I am trying for some time now to get into the rhythm of an online business. At first I started out with the idea that i would have to sell physical products and ship them somewhere. I am now learning that affiliate marketing is the way to go and I am going to follow your tips and motivation and get busy. Thank you  for this information.

    1. I m happy you took the right decision to avoid the hard and painful university of trials and errors . if you take the wrong road,  lose thousands of dollars online and yers before you make your first dollar. I m willing to help you by taking you straight to what works and causes you to avoid what does not work.

      Let me get your email address and I will start by giving you some tips on how to set your website for success.

      My email address is

    2. I m happy you took the right decision to avoid the hard and painful university of trials and errors . if you take the wrong road,  lose thousands of dollars online and yers before you make your first dollar. I m willing to help you by taking you straight to what works and causes you to avoid what does not work.

      Let me get your email address and I will start by giving you some tips on how to set your website for success.

      My email address is

      One of the key things you will learn is to know how you can generate traffic to your website. YouTube can be a great advertising platform. Check out CB teaching on how you could use YouTube Paid advertising.

    3. I m happy you took the right decision to avoid the hard and painful university of trials and errors . if you take the wrong road,  lose thousands of dollars online and yers before you make your first dollar. I m willing to help you by taking you straight to what works and causes you to avoid what does not work.

      Let me get your email address and I will start by giving you some tips on how to set your website for success.

      My email address is

      I think that it will interest you to know how you could generate traffic to your website using youtube. Check this ClickBank offer and let me know what you think. This course teaches YouTube paid advertising. Great for anyone wanting to learn about driving traffic! Use this tripwire in your email sequence.

  14. Charles, I’veread your post and found it interesting. Clickbank is certainly a good place to find products to promote an. d webinars you can take advantage of in your promotions. Thanks for the heads up on the ClickBank Break The Internet Product. I will check it out. Nice informative and interesting post -Shirley

    1. Greetings Shir, thank for your comment. I consider you now as a friend and partner in business because we have similar interests. If I get accross anything interesting, I will email you. please check this product of ClickBank and give me feedback. It is the easiest funnel builder on the planet! Your customers get unlimited optin page funnels, product funnels, membership sites, all hosted for free! Point + click simple!

  15. Thank you for this informative article and also telling us about your struggles to understand affiliate marketing and other businesses online.
    I also use clickbank a lot and they have good products to promote although I have seen that most of them may be scammy. (not clickbanks fault, just other vendors not being legit).
    I do think the click bank university is legit if you focus on it as I have seen it before).

  16. Hey,

    So I actually promote a couple of products as an affiliate from clickbank. Their system is very professional and slick and I make a reasonable amount of money promoting their products. This sounds like it could well be the future of “affiliate marketing” though, webinars are powerful tools for conversions.

    Is this a system that you use, can you show us any examples of the webinars?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I will send you a pdf copy of the webinar and also a link via which you can have the webinar for free. Just give me some time so that I send everything to you. Before that, you might be interested in this course where ClickBank teaches you how you could use the paid advert of Youtube to increase the economic value of your website. Great for anyone wanting to learn about driving traffic! Use this tripwire in your email sequence.

    1. It is a hot opportunity you can take advantage on before the rush become too much. One of the best things that Click Bank proposes the easiest way to build a funnel. A funnel converts 10 times more than a simple website. By follwing this link you will get to know more about the funnel building strategy of ClickBank.

  17. Hey there,

    This is a great post and quite inspiring as well. I have always heard the affiliate marketing was the way to go in order to make money online, and your article as made that seem all the more true.

    Thanks to you, I’m going to get started right now!

    Thanks again,


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