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Genuine online business opportunity

Four ‘Genuine online business opportunity’ that really pays.

The Digital Revolution is here. Thanks to the global revolution, the world has turned to a village of opportunities. The Global revolution has made the following possible:
The digital revolution has made the following possible:
  • You can work from anywhere around the globe.
  • You don’t need any prior experience.
  • You don’t need to own a product.
  • You don’t even need technical expertise.
  • You don’t need a boss to take orders from.
All you need is:
  • A proven platform that can generate cash for you. It will even be better if the system can be automated.
  • A supporting and experienced team who are making thousands of USD online every day
  • And a good training course to start with.
  • And some initial time, effort and some money to invest.
I’m not here to try to get some money out of you but to share genuine online opportunities that have helped thousands of writers like myself.

Examine carefully each of this suggestion and decide for yourself.

1. Consider a Career in Digital Marketing

The Best Recent Graduate Jobs (What Colleges Don’t Teach)

Every college should show every student how to get good recent graduate jobs. They should show students how to start their careers. How to make money. How to pay back their student loans. How to finance a house and a car, support a family, and build a life. But they don’t.

The search for recent graduate jobs can be as daunting as searching for the Lost City of Gold or a four-leaf clover. Millions of smart, good students graduate every year with degrees in History, English, even Business… and no job prospects, fighting for a single job interview and often getting jobs they could’ve procured without a degree.

Know, because for the past 2 years I’ve been showing people how to get the best recent graduate jobs right out of college in the field of Digital Marketing. And in some cases, or even high school. I’ve helped students with no previous experience or education get jobs paying as much as $50,000 a year, which they can leverage into a secure career.

In this article, I’ll explain where the best graduate jobs actually are, and a practical way to get into them.

The first major thing to understand when you leave an isolated bubble of college and seek recent graduate jobs is that Employers do not care as all about your degree (unless you are going to seek a job in Engineering or a similar STEM field).

The problem is that most college graduates simply do not have any skills that Employers in any field find valuable or essential. There is no Liberal Arts factory. This is why so many graduates either end up applying for entry-level customer service, assistant, or retail positions. And oddly enough, the most underemployed majors (according to are also the most popular majors.

The solution to this problem is simple: get skills that employers need.

The internet is the great equalizer when it comes to getting new skills. 20 years ago it was expensive and difficult to get training in relevant skills, and the training was almost always behind the curve of the market. Today, the unbelievable reality is that the internet is providing more powerful, relevant, and actionable skills training than what is available in colleges.

What skills should you get? Again, it’s the internet to the rescue.

Linkedin, the world’s largest career networking site, has a list of the Top 25 Skills that Employers need in 2018. Not surprisingly, nearly all of these skills involve technology. This is a quick overview taken from their 2016 report (the best graphic — the top 10 skills have remained virtually the same for the past 2 years with some changes in ranking.

You might also be interested in this 4 Videos course link

2.  Start making money from your writing skills!!!

Read if you want to make money from your writing skills from today.

According to the Bible, each one of us has a particular gift (1CO7.7) and the same bible says that your gift will make a room for you. If you add diligence to your skill or gift, the bible concludes that you will not stay in the presence of the mediocre but you will stay with the kings. Whet those these means to you who has a particular love for writing? You can earn money while enjoying yourself. Enjoyment is tied to freedom of choice. You can use your writing skills to earn money at your own pace, work at flexible hours, set your own schedule, spend more time with your family and friends, and get a nice big fat paycheck at the end of the month.

What would you say, if I told you I found a way to literally, make $20 in 10 minutes, over and over again?

What if I then told you, it was fun, anyone can do it, and you can do it right from your computer?

find out here

I know you would be excited.

I remember when I first discovered this, I thought it was too good to be true, but it WASN’T!

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Writing Jobs 2020

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3. Genuine Survey Job

Just got my check for $500

Sometimes people don’t believe me when I tell them about how much you can make taking paid surveys online…

So I took a video of myself actually getting paid $500 for paid surveys to finally set the record straight.

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4. Real Money Stream

Stop wishing, learn and make real cash online from now.

I think you’ve been scammed

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn money online, and have bought into a program that “promises” to help

you earn “THOUSANDS” of dollars per month, I’m willing to bet it didn’t work out the way you had hoped.

Actually, I would say that you were probably flat out “scammed”. But there is some good news…Check out the genuine way.

There is a REAL system that is helping thousands of people, just like you, earn REAL money right from the

comfort of their own homes. The entire system is made up of PROVEN ways for regular people just like you to

get started making money online… the RIGHT way… the REAL way.

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Real Money Stream Online


I think I did a good thing by outlining these genuine job opportunities. You can choose any one of them or a combination of a few of them.

In case you cannot decide on any, it might mean that you need to discover your true calling. And about your True Calling, I have the following to say.

Discover your true calling

I know we are here for keto, but the write below might challenge and inspire you for a more fulfilled life.

I’m excited about the unique privilege to speak to you today through this Post. I’m not sure if you believe in anything called God. I’m neither sure of the nature of your faith if you believe in any divinity at all. But, I will take the risk to assume, by the reason of the fact that you are in this world, you believe that there are a greater power and intelligence somewhere who has commanded everything into existence including you and me. Let us call that greater power ‘God’.

Your uniqueness is a valuable asset.

I’m convinced no one is on this earth by chance. There is a purpose for everything under the sun as a bible writer said. There is also a purpose for your being on earth. God created you to be you and to be you only. You are not supposed to be anyone else. As a unique person on the face of the earth, you have a unique combination of DNA that has never been and will never be seen again in the world. It is so because only you can do what you were created for with a unique gift (1CO7.7, the Bible). Your fingerprints are different from anyone else’s on this earth.

The people who have made the most out of life do not do so because they were the best at school. They made the impact they made for one single reason: they found their gift and their true purpose in life. You can ask this to Einstein, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Michael Jordan, Beethoven, Maradona, King Pele, Michael Jackson, Warren Buffet, Celine Dion, Mandela, Gandhi, etc. No one is supposed to be unhappy or feel useless. Everyone has a mission that is to be discovered and fulfilled. It is only by doing what you were created for that you will be a blessing to your creator, yourself, your friends and family and the society at large.

Take the responsibility of becoming…

You need to take the responsibility to develop your God-given gift and to take up a career that will make the most out of life and be a blessing for humanity. I’m here to help you achieve just that. You are at school because you want to make earn meet. That might the way God has chosen for you. You might be there because you are looking for the security of a paid job, even if this job can be boring and unsatisfactory with many respects. You might have adopted the old thought: ‘have a steady job and work for a pension,’ With Digital advance, you are no more bound to live that kind of life. You can do more with your life !!!

People refuse to take the responsibility of taking the risk to develop their God-given gift and to take a career course inspired by their gift because they don’t want to take risks. They prefer the securities of a paid job, even if this job can be boring and unsatisfactory with many respects. They have adopted the old thought: “have a steady job and work for a pension” .They don’t recognize that this zone is not safe as it seems to be because they are at risk of leading a wasted life: a life where the greater part of their potential has been left undeveloped and unused. Taking risk is to choose a course of action, advance into it despite fears, but with the required knowledge and with success in mind. It is only risk-takers who can accomplish things of great significance in life… They don’t realize that all that make life easy is someone’s contribution to humanity. At a point in time, someone has been willing to take the risk of using his God-given ability and the result is the many inventions and innovations that make the world a better place to be.

Fulfill your life mission

To everyone’s gift, a mission is attached. This makes us accountable to the gift giver ( the creator)Failure to realize this by taking the full responsibility before God and men to discover, develop and deploy one giftedness is what the Bible calls “ sin”. Etymologically, “sin” means “to miss the target”. Sinning is missing the purpose of existence. Man is created to serve. TO serve God and humanity in a capacity given by God. Refusal to do this is sin; it is the conscious or unconscious decision to live a wasted life. This must rightfully inspire us with the feeling of shame. We cannot have one of the greatest blessings of God in us (a gift), be created at his very image (having part of his ability), be living in a period like this (the digital age which has made volume of information which were not accessible some centuries back now accessible at a fingertip) and still be unable to find enough inspiration to developing our God-given gift and inspire our own generation. Risk-taking most stem from someone’s knowledge of the situation, analysis of his own strength and weakness.

A wasted or a fulfill life, the choice is yours.

Living outside the deployment of one giftedness is death in disguise. This is most of the time the result of avoiding to fall short of someone’s expectations. This “someone” is often our parents or someone having a certain influence on us. Most of the time, this is also the result of societal influence. People want to do like everyone else, they don’t want to appear odd, they think it is safe to simply follow the popular norm; the status-quo. People prefer to follow a course in which someone else (parent, society, Government, friend, spiritual leader, etc…) think it is safe for them to follow. People do not look inward to search their innermost desire, dream, hopes, tendencies and/or ability in an attempt to decide which type of life they will lead. Most people do not even consult God who has a clear model of success for each individual on earth. In God’s model of success, there is a gift that must be discovered ( 1 co7.7), there is project to carry out (Eph2.10), there is a plan to follow ( Je29.11) and there is a companion to lead us all the way of the filling of God’s plan (1 co2.9-10). God’s model of success is risky by human standards, but it is the safest path to follow if someone wants to lead a flourishing life in all ramifications. God’s wisdom is foolishness for men. People must dare to take a risk and to take it responsibly that involves God in risk-taking.

Discover your True Calling.

We have proposed a number of jobs you can do online whether you are still a student, or you have graduated and are looking for a job, or whether you are working somewhere and you are not comfortable at that work. But before you look at these jobs to see what will be most convenient to you, you first need to discover your True Calling and to do that, Click here to start. If you do that, you will see how your True calling will literally shower you with money.






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