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Financial freedom for seniors

Financial freedom is the dearest dream of most of us…

I don’t think it is money the real issue in our lives… I rather think that money is what we need to express something within us, craving to be expressed. Every being in existence want to feel some sense of worthiness and are consciously or unconsciously looking for a mean to demonstrate that worthiness.

It is rather the desire to express our sense of worthiness that pushes us to be running after money…


 Unfortunately for some people to feel that they worth anything they plunge themselves in evil. They think that by being rough, they are the real guy…They feel proud when everyone else in town is afraid of them…Some think that if they can take hard drugs they are better than those who are not taking it;  If gives them some sense of power. Some think that for them to be something they need to get more men or women in their life and this leads them into a life of prostitution. Some think that for them to be worthy of something they ought to become criminals, homosexuals, etc.


On the other hand, some people want to make some kind of impact in this life. They have found something for which they are ready to live or die. They are somewhat conscious that they are on a mission in this world. They want to make the world around them a better place; this has lead them to commit themselves to a cause they have found worthy of their investment in time and resources.



Either we take the path of criminality or the path of positive impartation of lives around us, we quickly realize that we need financial resources. As a man, you cannot get into prostitution without money…If you decide to take drugs you need money…If you want to be viewed as the happening guy in town, you need a good car and expensive things, and for all these you need money…if you want to live on hard drugs you need money…As a woman, if you want to be seductive, you need some kind of clothing that will show your body parts and all the things associated with seduction …; and for that, you need money.

Conversely, if you want to do a good of any kind you equally need money. It is money that builds orphanages, it is that clothes the naked, which feeds the hungry, which shelters the homeless, which cares for the sick, which creates a job for the jobless, etc…


So money is not an end in itself, it is rather a means to an end. The end is self-expression. Money is the instrument for that self-expression. What we really need is freedom. We consciously or unconsciously know that if we have money we will have freedom. The freedom to be what want to be and do what we want to do. This is the carvings of our hearts. The problem comes when the purpose of our life become searching for money.

When we spent the best of our time and energy just to look for money and more money, we stop living. We have traded the most important thing in our life with money; our freedom. Money ought not to be our master, but our slave. Sadly and unfortunately, most of us are slaves to money. We think only money, we spent all our efforts in the pursuit of money, money directs our emotions and life, etc. If we don’t refrain from this kind of life, we must have lived a wasted life.


An ideal life will be a life wherein, we can have money to take of all our basic necessities and still have time to do what we were created for. It will even be better if by doing what we created for, we can earn a revenue from that. There is nothing better than to gain money from your passion. When you fall in love with what you are doing, you have stopped working…you are simply enjoying your life. In the post LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAM, I have just spoken about the way to know your true gifting, calling and destiny.

Once you have found your true calling, you will start impacting the lives of others positively and an economic benefit can derive from just doing that. This is the surest way to financial freedom. Unless you deploy giftedness, you cannot find your way to true financial freedom.


IN your calling cannot yield any financial gratification to you…that will be the case you are doing charitable work. You might need a way to generate money that will not take the whole of your time. You will need a system that can generate money for you even if you are not there. For sure, you will do some real initial work, like one-month of training. There is no gain without work. Any job that you are being proposed that will preclude work and a lot of it is just a scam in disguise. Refrain from such offers.

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