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I went through a paid course in email marketing. I sat a feat of a giant in email marketing for some weeks. I learned and Implemented some of the things I’m about to teach you here; the secret really works and I can guarantee you that in the space of fewer than 3 hours some of the secrets can yield up to $12 000 if you implement them…

So, get ready for some great tips from a giant (Kam Fatz) in email marketing…

Here we go…

(Note this: These techniques work as well for email as for a blog…)

The most important thing in online business is traffic. After getting a good product to promote, the next thing is to get a good traffic source. If you promote a product to the right people, they will value it and buy it. This reminds me of a story…

A dying man called his son and gave him a very old wristwatch. The wristwatch was a family heritage that was being passed from one generation to the other down to the dying father. The dying father gave the watch to his son and asked him to go to the biggest supermarket in the town and get an asking price for the wristwatch; the merchant in the supermarket was willing to buy the watch at $5. The son reported this to his father. The disappointed father told him that it was not the right price for the watch and asked the son to try to obtain an asking price from the watchmaker in town. The watchmaker was willing to give $6 for the wristwatch. The son reported this to his father. The father then asked the son to go to the watch museum.  There, the agent proposed to get the very old watch for $100 000. Then the father told the son: “This is the lesson: go only to places where people can value what you have to offer”.

The same thing goes for online marketing. It is not enough to have a valuable old wristwatch (that is to say a good product), it is even more important to know where to find the wristwatch museum( the right audience) and more importantly, to know how to address the right audience ( The art of an incredible marketing language ).

I’m here to share 10 of the best techniques ( way to address the right audience when found) I learned at the feet of an online email marketer.

  1. Technique No1: The Insult

In this technique, you call the audience’s attention by making a nasty remark about their life, business or anything you have a solution to. When you do that, the prospect can feel angry about your remark. But that ‘anger’ might be the emotional trigger that will convert the prospect into a client.

Definitely, the ‘anger’ is an indication that there is something wrong somewhere.  It is better for people to get angry about what you have to say than to be indifferent. So, make the title of your email very insulting.

  1. Technique No2. The vendor case Study

When you want to promote a great product, it is often better to tell the story of the person who put the product in the market. Experience has shown that people buy things because they have developed an emotional bond with the product promoter or creator. ‘stories’ sell more than ‘products ‘. So, Title your email so that the prospect will be curious to know more about the person behind the product or service you want to promote.

  1. Technique No3. The four + 1

Here, you make an email sequence telling people exactly how to solve a problem they have. You tell them the 4 first thing they need to do. When they test those things, and they provide value for them, they want to know more; at this point, you present them with your offer.

  1. Technique No4. The step by step

The step by step technique works like the ‘Four + 1 ‘technique. Here you make an email sequence on how they can solve a problem you have the solution to. You lead them in the step by step process in an email sequence. They go through the first steps, they are satisfied, and they want to know the remain steps, you then present them with your offer.

  1. Technique No5. Connect the dots

The ‘connect the dots’ technique is a technique needed for people who want to do affiliate marketing. Here you must find a great product that really sells, you must show them a platform that they must use to make their sell (an email marketing platform for instance) and where to find the right audience for the product. This is a no brainer offer that will always have a lot of engagement.

  1. Technique No6. The full cycle

Here you make a complete mail sequence about the place the prospect is and where you would like to take them to. You have to create a mental picture of where you want to take the prospect to. You also show him the shortcomings of where the prospect is actually. You then present your product/service as the bridge between the two places.

  1. Technique No7. The Incendiary Trendy Topic

The title of your email here should be about a trendy topic; Something that everyone is talking about. This will attract the opening of your email. In your email, be as neutral as possible. Then relate the Trendy Topic to your product/service.

  1. Technique No8.The timeline tour

This works pretty much as the Full cycle. Here, you engage the prospect in a journey where he/she will be very curious to see the end. The end should be your product/service.

  1. Technique No9. The course summary

Here, you have gone through a course. You can make a summary of the course and put it at the disposal of someone for free. Just as I m doing it here. This might create a relationship between you and the prospect. You now need to develop an attractive character to keep your prospect.

  1. Technique No10. The traffic source and the platform.

If you need an already done for you process in email marketing, you can copy this Model

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8 thoughts on “Email Marketing Consultants

  1. You made me rethink my email marketing plans. Having a strategy like this will help anyone looking for the right audience to make a sale. Thanks for sharing.
    I am going to use a couple of these ideas in the future, do you have any examples of any of these email sequences.

  2. This is exactly what I need to read to help me get my head around doing email marketing. I don’t feel like I am very skilled in this aspect of building my website, so you’ve shared really valuable information to help me with learning how to do this better. I really appreciate that you’ve shared this and will be bookmarking this post to refer to often. Thanks again :).

    1. I will write a post with more details soon. I think that with a purchased list, you can get more amazing results speedy. However, no all email marketing platforms allow the use of a purchased list. If you are interested in getting an email marketing platform that allows the use of a purchase list, let me know and I will show you some. I will be writing a great post about email marketing soon.

    2. It is a clear fact that the Purchased list is forbidden by most of Email Marketing Platforms. However, some Software like the One Indicate in the Post allows you to send Emails from the Purchased List. I actually use a Platform that allows me to send up to 50 000 Emails per day and I experience about 2% opening and clicking of the links within the Emails every day. With Email Marketing, you have 100+ times for your products to be seen than using a mere website. The cost is also 100 times less than using Paid ads. If you want to use my exact strategy, When you are ready, Email me.

  3. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about the email marketing and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in detail.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


    1. Yes, the greatest formula about email marketing, is to use a purchased list, but No all platform accept a purchased list. If you wish, I will recommend some platform I m using with my purchased lists. I can assure you of Ama

    2. Yes, The best formula in email marketing is to go for cold traffic. If you can locate an email marketing platform that alllows the use of Cold traffic, then you can turn that cold traffic to a hot traffic. I will write a post about that soon. However if you are interested in platform that allows the use of purchased list, let me know. I have some great recommendations for you that will yield you some Amazing results.

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