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best way of earning money online 2020- Leverage Digital Revoltion

the best way of earning money online in 2020

How do you leverage the Digital Revolution?

The Digital Revolution is here. It has brought in a brand-new way of life for many: ‘the Digital Life’s style’. Many people rarely spent a day without using a digital product (phone or computer) to get entertained or to get information… it is simple, it friendly, it is practical. Friends, families are just at a click away…

Everyone leverages the Digital Revolution according to their personal interests. For some, the Digital Revolution helps them for more research;  for some, they leverage the Digital Revolution to communicate better; for some others, the Digital Revolution is meant to provide them with more fun,…; for another class of smart guys the Digital Revolution has provided them with the Dream and means to become wealthy!!!

Many are aware that you can become rich online, but they don’t just know the way to go about this. Many have a vague idea according to which money can be gain by some online activities…More often than necessary, many prefer to use the online Digital Tools to defrauds others.

Many people do not really know who to trust in the matter of making money online. I m here to tell you one thing that I think you can implement and make money online the surest way possible: My dot com secret.

There are many ways of making money online…

The best online Business Model.

In my quest for success, I started to study online business models. I learned about e-commerce, drop shopping, e-store, Affiliate marketing, etc., and I finally agree with many scholars that the best online business model was Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the Best business model because it does allow you to sell products you have not created. In doing so, you can make commissions on sales. Some smart people create some smart products and invite you to promote them-providing you along with all necessary resources- giving you the privilege to share in their profit; You can share from 10% up to 75% in the profit of someone who has created a product or a service.

However, you need a method to start promoting the products.

For some people, they get connected with an affiliate program, get their affiliate link and place that link in some places like social media (at a cost) …

For some other people, they prefer to go for paid ads at Google… there, they place their ads, when someone clicks their ads, Google deducts some money from a deposit they have made in advance.

Some other people seek for some free source of ads. But it is sometimes very tedious to post ads one by one to hundreds of free ads sources. Some people prefer to use the auto-pilot system… some Auto-Pilot system work and can deliver the goods, but most of them on the Internet are just scams and the activities of autopilot are blocked in many internet platforms.

In general rule,

  • You need to find a good product to promote (a market niche)
  • You need to know where to promote it (a client’s sources)
  • You need to know how to promote it (a method).

If you are not helped by a sincere person, you will go through the Painful University of Trials and Errors.

I did the hard job for you…

Yes, I did the hard job for you. I found a simple way, maybe the simplest to calmly make money online. I m here to give you my secret in a plate of Gold. I call my secret: my dot come secret.

If you sincere with making money online, you need to pay close attention to the following.

  1.  Promote this very good Online Product

A good product is a product which solves some real-life problem. When people really need something, you do not need to spend a lot of money, time and energy for people to want to use it. People only spend a lot of their resources to sell something that is not really helpful or needed. For example, you can’t advise people to eat food or to breathe air, they need those things and they procure themselves those things in a natural way; without anyone persuading themselves to go for those things.

Can you observe that with the Digital Revolution, many businesses have endeavored to get a website?

What if you knew a problem that all website owners confront, and you have a solution to that problem?

The next natural question you will be asking yourself will be: how can I contact those website owners to provide them with my innovative solution if I have any?

Now imagine that I can freely show you both the innovative solution a where to get the contacts of as many website owners as you wish. Your job will simply be to use a good platform to send tell them about the innovative solution. When they decide to use an innovative solution, you will start earning commissions. Is that not simple enough.

The innovative Solution: A sales Funnel.

A sales funnel is a web page that most Digital entrepreneurs (Website Owner) Will prefer to use if only the Knew all the Power therein.

A funnel is the best choice for anyone involved in Digital Marketing. A funnel is a web page that allows you to simplify the life of your customers by serving them at the highest level. It achieves this by taking them to the specific thing they need, it triggers an emotional experience in the customer. Guess what? Customers like that. You will be rewarded with power (influence, money, and freedom).

A funnel helps you to add value to your customer and the value you add to them is simplicity. They will reward you for that. However, for you to achieve this you must get to work. And the work starts with the willingness to set up your own funnel.

Want to learn more about a sales Funnel? CLICK HERE.

Want to know the best way of promoting a sales funnel, click here

A promoting Platform: A method of promoting your Product.

You can use the Email Marketing Strategy to Promote your Product. I want to introduce you to an email platform that can allow you to send 2500, 10 000, 100 000 and up to 3 million emails to website owners.

Check Out this Online Platform that will help you to design and to send professional emails.

Your best and surest traffic source.

The next problem to be solved is where to get your traffic source. Your traffic source is your greatest business asset. No matter how good a product is, you must find the people who really need your product. When you go to Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc. for traffic, you meet just anybody there. You do not meet only people who are specifically concerned with the specific product you are providing.

For this offer about a sales funnel, the most interested people are website owners. Yes, they will be interested because they’re in the logic of wanting to sale more and if you can help them do that, you will be highly welcome. They will pay attention to whatever you have to say.

So, I will introduce to a source where you can get the email addresses of people and businesses in any part of the world at the best price possible. The emails are up to date. You can get 25 000, 50 000, 100 000, 500 000, 1 000 000, 2 000 000 and to 10 000 000 email addresses. I m introducing you to a real gold mine. The quality of traffic you will be getting there cannot be gotten anywhere else.





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