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A funnel: your greatest marketing asset.

Funnel versus website.

When you first built your website, you said to yourself that you have reached the end of the road in the struggle of making it online. And here comes the cold truth…your website is not doing the job as much as you envisioned (optimal conversion of visitors into customers and putting the money into your pocket). And you started to wonder what could be the missing link…

A funnel, just like a website is a web page. The main difference between a funnel and a web page is that a web page is static in nature, while a funnel is dynamic…

A funnel is a kind of web page that directs a customer into a sale sequence. The funnel goes further by setting up a follow-up sequence that can allow you to make additional sales to your customers(downsells and upsells).  A funnel is not just a web page, but a page built with the intent to offer to a visitor a unique purchase sequence. A funnel offers to customers a unique experience that a traditional website doesn’t.

The job of a funnel includes the generation of leads, the sale of products, creation of a membership, collection of email addresses, creation of a summit, setting up an auto webinar, setting of a squeeze page, etc.

A sale funnel can add a simple order form, one upsell, one downsell, making you make more money on only one purchase from your page.

At this junction, you might be saying: that sounds great!!! and the next question will naturally be: Will I able to build one funnel for my business? You don’t need to build one, there are already pre-built funnels templates that you can edit with simples ‘picks and drops’ allowing you to set up a funnel in about 10 minutes. Let me introduce you to the best platform online for funnel settings: clickfunnel.



Set it up in a simple and speedy way!!!

CLICKFUNNEL is a platform that helps you to customize/edit a funnel template to our own taste and specifications. In such a way that you will no more need the services of the tech guys. In less than 10 minutes, it is now possible to get a funnel up and running thanks to the ClickFunnel. All you have to do is to build your pages in the pre-design funnel.


What a funnel will do you.

ClickFunnel handles your traffic, analytics, split test, shopping carts, your email, your text messages…Is this no better and easier than a mere website?  Definitely, this is something that will simplify your life and help you make more revenue.

If you already have a website, you can turn it into a pre-frame bridge for your sales funnel. A funnel works 24×7, whether you are there or not. this will make you gain power( freedom, influence, and revenue) by serving your customers at the highest level possible.


ClickFunnel allows you to own traffic.

The traffic you get from Google, Facebook or from any other paid ads source isn’t your own. That is why you have to pay before they come to your website. But once they are on your website, they can visit and go without nothing happening. However, if you have a funnel rather than a traditional website when they come to your website, a squeeze page will first capture their Name and email. Most people will be willing to give you their email because they are eager to know what you want to tell them. They are simply willing to exchange their email for info. This will allow you to know more about them and maintain a relationship with them.


CLICKFUNNEL allows you to create customize sale sequences because you know your customers.

One of the features that CLICKFUNNEL has incorporated into your funnel is actionetics or follow-up funnel. This feature allows the system to get some information about the visitor such as where they live, their social media presence, their annual income, etc. This kind of information allows you to customize a specific marketing sequence for them. In so doing you have a high chance to close a deal because you will send them only customize offers. Typically, someone will see a product about seven times before he decides to make a purchase. Through actionetics, you can send your offer to their email, their Facebook page, their twitter account, etc.


ClickFunnel allows you to turn your customers into your affiliate.

Have I mentioned the backpack of your funnel? This is probably the best part of your funnel. This part helps you to get quality traffic free of charge. Yes!!! Backpack helps you to run your own affiliate system. This means that the funnel allows us to make an offer to every visitor. You propose to share in your profit if they can bring you, customers. This type of traffic is better than Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc. here people refer people that refer people and this makes your audience grow quickly. The best part of it is that you get this for free.  They will naturally do that if your product is good. But here you are giving them extra motivation to work for you. Isn’t this great?

The 7 phases of a funnel.

Phase1. Know the traffic temperature. How is people attitude towards your offer? People will like you offer if you know where to find them.

Phase2. Pre-frame bridge. This is your actual funnel environment.

Phase3. Get qualify subscribers. You do that by asking their email on the squeeze page of your funnel.

Phase4. Get Qualify buyers from Qualify subscribers. These are the people who will actually by your product/service.

Phase5. Identify hyperactive buyers from buyers. These are people who will buy you upsells ( other products or services similar or complementary to the main product) These ones are potential affiliates for your product/service.

Phase6. Age and ascend relationship with your hyperactive buyers.

Phase7. Change the environment. Meet with your hyperactive buyers face-to-face or on a phone or a chat video.

*******************************What do you do now ?************************************

If this offer interest you, these are the three things you could do:

  1. Go for a 14 days free trial to see how things work practically before you decide to use a funnel for your business.
  2. You can decide to promote the Offer (become an affiliate) and get some huge profit.

By promoting the offer, you get a huge commission, bonuses and a dream car. If you want to know how this to work click here.

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